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Comment Re:And I keep coming back to my same question (Score 1) 693

Actually, there appears to be an economical alternative. Natural gas can be "cracked" into hydrogen gas and carbon black by bubbling it through a column of molten tin. The carbon accumulates as a removable layer on top of the tin, and pure hydrogen comes off the top of the column. Switching to a hydrogen economy would be difficult, but it certainly is doable. Disposing of the carbon black is a problem, but is minor compared to the continued emission of CO2. Might be able to pelletize the carbon and dump it into a deep ocean trench ( I can imagine the screech coming from the environmentalist at such a suggestion! Deafening! ) Going this route would provide a solution to CO2-induced global warming, but I really doubt that government has the will or competence to do it.

Comment Re:enough, OK?! (Score 2) 357

New Scientist, Oct. 8 - 14, had a great article on cracking natural gas into hydrogen gas and carbon black. Researchers in Spain bubbled natural gas through a column of molten tin at about 1000C. Hydrogen came off the top while carbon black floated to the surface of the tin. Had a reaction efficiency of about 80%. Would be best to use the hydrogen in a hybrid vehicle - batteries would be charged by a combined cycle "engine". This engine would be a solid oxide fuel cell followed by a supercritical CO2 turbine. Could get power efficiencies in the range of 70%. This would give excellent fuel mileage from a cheap fuel. Disposing of the carbon black would be a problem, but this a minor irritant compared to emitting carbon dioxide. The exhaust from the engine would be water vapor only. A crash program probably could get us converted to this tech in 10 to 15 years. Then, the fear of climate change would become just a memory. But, considering how disfunctional our governmental institutions are, transitioning to this clean technology has a snowball's chance in hell of happening. We're doomed.

Comment Re:Video of the accident (Score 1) 155

In one frame the second object coincides with one of the legs of a lightning tower. Zooming in shows that the leg is being illuminated by the fireball. And, it appears that the object is BEHIND the leg otherwise the illuminated portion of the leg would be darkened by the occluding object.

Comment Re:Video of the accident (Score 1) 155

I recorded with VLC. The object is visible for 4 frames before the start of the explosion. At that point the bright X of light occurs. In frame 5 the object is directly over the exploding rocket. Then, it disappears! The explosion progresses for 4 more frames. Then ANOTHER object enters the video from the lower left. This object appears to go behind the fireball. It exits to the upper right and transits for about 15 frames. Weird! Has anyone seen a video from a different angle?

Comment Insurance Files Key? (Score 5, Interesting) 93

Remember, back in the heat of the Snowden affair, it was rumored that he had established an insurance stash of files. And during that same time frame the existence of a hoard of Wikileaks insurance files was revealed. https://nakedsecurity.sophos.c... These files files were in three traunches - 3.6GB, 49GB, and 349GB. Supposedly these were encrypted with AES256. The string posted by Snowden is 256 bits long. Has anyone tried opening the Wikileaks files with this string?

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