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Submission + - New Kickstarter by the team who made Myst and Riven. (kickstarter.com)

bigdogpete writes: On the 20th Anniversary Cyan Inc has started a Kickstarter campaign. Obduction is an all-new, real-time, first-person adventure that harkens back to the spirit of Cyan’s earlier games Myst and Riven. Obduction resurrects that incredible feeling of suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a new world to explore, discover, solve, and become part of.

Comment It Won't Stop There (Score 0) 209

Reading the vast majority of comments left me wondering how many of you actually use Skype. I find the service helpful and easy to use. My wife who is not computer savvy usees it to communicate with me when I am away from home. The sound is great at times and when I am away from home offers me the best audio and video quality. The times when I use Skype out is when my wife is not there or I have to contact a buisness with an 800 number. So if Skype is going to be regulated do you really think it will stop there. All these people that use the other VOIP services are next. It is no different than Skype Out. So even though you may not like Skype for whatever reason you need to see that your freedom is under attack. You need to fight with the same goals as you would fight for your VOIP provider. You need to stand side-by-side with your fellow brothers and sisters and tell them that your VOIP service is not a teleco. Because in the end it is the consumer that always pays.

Comment Ignorant Trolls, Great Question (Score 1) 311

TROLLS: The person did not ask you for help raising their child. Get out of their life. It is not your job to raise their kid. They asked what would be a good app on android. This is what is wrong with the world today. Look after your family and yourself first. They are the parents and it is their choice to make when to le their child use whatever. If you do not have something to contribute then may I suggest you move along to the next subject.
Question asker: My child is two years six months has excellent eye hand coordination and great deductive skills. She already knows how to use the mouse on the computer and very often when it is bad weather outside we will let her go play on seasame street or nick. She is also great at interacting with other kids and is constantly running around. I let her play music and music videos on Ipod and Android. I own both Android and IPod. I do not see the app "Moster at the end of this book" on Play but that is what she started out with at 6-8 MONTHS on IPod touch. At first it is just the noise and sounds, her just pointing and touching the screen, mommy or myself had to help her. It is a great activity to do with the little one. Rest assured this is a great question to find some child friendly apps on Android. Thank you to the people that have contributed. I thank you and I am sure these parents do too.

Comment The reason for this is developers being lazy (Score 1) 122

Most developers are lazy when it comes to device testing. Because Android is open-source and so many devices use it there are many different devices developers would have to test the app on. On an iOS device there is only a few by compairison. This has been stated again and again in developers FAQ's and blogs when asked when they are going to come out with an app that is on iOS and not Android. A Big THANKS to developers who do develop for iOS and Android.

Comment OSX users without any type of AV (Score 1) 187

I know at least 10 OSX users and they don't have any basic AV on their system. I quote one of them....."I don't need any AV on it macs don't get infected". At that point my jaw dropped and I walked away. This is the problem with the hype. I am not saying everyone but damn people not even basic AV. As the market share grows of OS* so does the people looking to find exploits.

Comment My Complicated Answer: No more time zones. (Score 1) 359

Well if you live in the "Middle East" Or Asia region everything is messed up. I in fact live in the wrong timezone. But someone long ago decided that we should not be in the right timezone because they didn't feel like it. I live in a timezone bubble. Take a look at the world time zone map http://www.worldtimezone.com/wtz014.php and see what I mean. One time for the whole earth would be nice. But If I had to choose I would choose 2 or 3 zones east depending on how you look at it.

Comment Wait? What? (Score 1) 835

So someone pays $10,000 and gets someone to smuggle them over the border. That gives them the right in order to come to anyone's country. So everyone says they are so poor. That all they are trying to do is provide for their family. $10k seems like a pretty good start to me. So lets not use that $10k in order to do the paperwork and immigrate legally to the country. Then taxpayers support them in hospitals and schools. So we creep into your house in the night and we live in your basement. You kind of know we are there but the police are not allowed to come in and ask us why we are there. We know this so we bring in more of our friends. We know the police cannot ask us to show them proof that we are suppose to live in your house so they can't arrest us. I say this in hopes of getting someone to say I am a bad person. That perhaps even racist. That I am anti-immigration. Well I am here to tell you that no I am not. My wife and step-child are Filipino. I am currently working on getting their visa's done in order for them to come to the states. It is a pain in the butt in order to get everything right and it is a little tough. But we are doing it. America is founded on immigration. But if done properly nobody cares and congrats. It is when you sneak into our house that's when we get mad. If my wife and children are asked for papers after we get to the states, no problem here you go officer. If I am in another country and the police ask for my ID, yes sir here you go. I have nothing to hide I am here legally.

John Carmack Not Enthused About Android Marketplace 163

An anonymous reader writes "During an in-depth and informative interview, Doom creator and id Software co-founder John Carmack opines on iOS game development, the economics of mobile development vs. console development, why mobile games lend themselves to more risk-taking and greater creativity, and finally, why he's not too keen on the Android Marketplace as a money-making machine. '...I'm honestly still a little scared of the support burden and the effort that it's going to take for our products, which are very graphics-intensive.'"

Comment I had the same thing happen to me. (Score 1) 347

I had the same thing happen to me. Shortly after my daughter was born, between work and the baby it was months of hell. I am still recovering but it takes 4 times as long to recover from anxiety. I was having panic attacks and thought I may be dying. Just get checked out by your doc. That way you have the reassurance that nothing is wrong, not knowing will contribute to the anxiety. Then I found the best medicine is to get out of the house and go have fun. Your doc may also be able to prescribe some pills for the really hard days. Just be assured that you are not the only one with IT anxiety and try to find some way to relax. Your mind has associated work as danger and you need to reprogram your mind to think otherwise.

Comment Look at this another way. No More Sampling. (Score 1) 300

Should this become law (which I highly doubt) at least we will be able to shut down every artist webpage that has "sampled" another artists music.Oh wait that is alot of artists. Be careful what you say MPAA "...the First Amendment was not intended as a shield for those who steal, irrespective of the means".

Comment We are all being track, tagged, cataloged.... (Score 1) 108

You have to be living under a rock to think that governments and organizations are not already tracking everything you do. If it can be logged or traced all it takes is someone to connect the dots. In a totally connected world the there is really no privacy. Just take the IT guys at work, we can go in at any time and tell you exactly what you did all day at work. It is not really that hard. Credit card swipes at the store. Cameras on the streets. I am saying that you should have a choice if you want the chip. I for one say just take the next step and give me the RFID and link it to my info and access. Might as well make my life easier while they are logging me anyway.

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