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Comment Re:Next steps... (Score 1) 69

Grohmann Engineering was a Germany-based company. Of course, German law also allows for non-compete covenants, though I have no idea how they are enforced. In that specific case, one could argue that the new company wouldn't compete with Tesla as Tesla has shown no interest in servicing German customers.

Also, I wouldn't seriously expect this to happen, that was more a "wouldn't it be funny if..." kind of thought :)

Comment Next steps... (Score 2) 69

Grohman founds a new company, most key employees leave for the new company (*), Tesla is left with a bunch of patents.
<sarcasm> Smart move, Elon! </sarcasm>

(*) Between leaving for a company with dependable clients and staying in a company continuing to lose money quarter after quarter, the decision shouldn't be too difficult.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1) 286

Plus, leaving one job after just a few months is a big red flag.

A big red flag showing that the workplace environment is toxic there? As if we didn't know already?
Why would an employee care about a high turnover rate at the company he's leaving anyway?

Shouldn't we be the ones with the leverage here?

Only if the employees join their forces rather than trying to undercut each other. Leaving the place can be a solution at a personal level, but not at the society level: it takes more time to bleed dry a company (that will play PR games like renaming itself, pledges by the CEO, denouncing "isolated" incidents, etc) than it takes to the "industry standard" to step down one notch (bad managers also hop between companies).

Comment Re:There will be tit for tat. (Score 1) 505

It's better to not reciprocate. Lets American tourists travel unhampered: they bring money.

There's even no need to retaliate, as it will all sort itself:

- less tourists to America;
- less business travels: give your e-mail credentials to the state ? No way. If you want that contract signed, you come to London/Paris/Tokyo/Beijing/...
- to alleviate the burden of formalities, this year that international conference will be hosted in Dubai/Macau instead of Dallas.

Comment What I read. (Score 1) 331

The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of:

        (1) Agricultural produce;

        (2) Meat and fish products; and

        (3) Perishable foods.

All of the exempted activities are gerunds. If the writers wanted the list of exemptions to include distributing, it would have also been written as a the gerund distributing.


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