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Comment My experience (Score 1) 232

Otherwise normal, functioning people post, like, and share lots of garbage to Facebook that can be refuted with 30 seconds worth of checking as long as it supports their position or candidate. When I linked contrary evidence, people were angry. They don't care that their quote was misattributed or that documents or videos contradict their assertions. "Hey, I just liked it. I don't even know who this person is. Why are you even commenting here?"

I have always taken it as a given that people want to know the truth. I want to be corrected if I say something wrong. This is not true for everyone. It is sad.

Comment I'm impressed. (Score 2) 178

I'm impressed: you managed to not mention Ü... a single time in this summary. A....b isn't mentioned either, but this is expected. At least, all "related links" are about Ü... .
I think that company deserves its own icon, just as "the real-life Tony Stark". After all, Bitcoin has its own.

(Salt at your convenience)

Submission + - New Research Reveals Hundreds of Undiscovered Black Holes (

An anonymous reader writes: New research by the University of Surrey publishedin the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society has shone light on a globular cluster of stars that could host several hundred black holes, a phenomenon that until recently was thought impossible. Globular clusters are spherical collections of stars which orbit around a galactic centre such as our Milky-way galaxy. Using advanced computer simulations, the team at the University of Surrey were able to see the un-see-able by mapping a globular cluster known as NGC 6101, from which the existence of black holes within the system was deduced. These black holes are a few times larger than the Sun, and form in the gravitational collapse of massive stars at the end of their lives. It was previously thought that these black holes would almost all be expelled from their parent cluster due to the effects of supernova explosion, during the death of a star. It is only as recently as 2013 that astrophysicists found individual black holes in globular clusters via rare phenomena in which a companion star donates material to the black hole. This work, which was supported by the European Research Council (ERC), has shown that in NGC 6101 there could be several hundred black holes, overturning old theories as to how black holes form.

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