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Comment They all have Master's Degrees Already... (Score 5, Insightful) 352

when i worked at a major telecom all the Indian 'developers' had Master's degrees at the minimum. This would qualify them for 'highly skilled' technical jobs as the degrees themselves state as much.

Now they couldn't code worth a damn, the libraries they included in the code ballooned the code base, and god help you if you needed documentation. They were some of the worst 'developers' I've ever met and 1/10 was decent enough to not build code that didn't melt the servers down. The whole reason we had a team of 5 System Admins supporting 2 floors of developers was because of their shoddy coding skills. It was great job security.

Comment How do I get this job? (Score 3, Insightful) 63

Oracle: We want to hire you to tell us if buying this company is a good deal
Me: Sounds like you want me to be a consultant...

O: No no no Consultant is such a 90's term "Global Acquisition Specialist" is better.
Me: ...and you want me to tell you if spending money on something is a good idea...

O: Oh no, this has to be a SMART expenditure of capital! We can't be wasting Larry's cash that's reserved for a small Bohemian island on a Dud!
Me:...even though purchasing something that is well known to be a horrible investment is a bad idea...

O: You have to look at it TODAY not how it was THEN! Things change you know this!
Me: ...and this purchase price will still be in the billions...

O: That's only a few Oracle Database Enterprise licenses. Pocket change
Me:..and you want to wrap this up in the next Quarter.

O: Sooner the better, due diligence and all that.
Me: I'll submit my invoices straight away starting with this conversation.

O: CAPITAL! I knew we hired the right team!
Me: <looks around at the empty chairs only person in the room>

Comment Just Use HeroLab (Score 3, Informative) 76

Worth every damn penny I paid for that product plus add-ons. It's by FAR the best character builder and resource tool that one can use. Their iPad app makes using those characters and playing them a breeze. It's stupidly simple, and it's a single price that gives you everything you need. If you can afford an IOS device you can afford the pittance that is HeroLab to 100% manage your character creation. I haven't used the rest of the tools that HeroLab offers so I can't speak to them.

WOTC's approach is going to trickle out after a year, no updates, and then vanish into the mists of time. Can you even imagine having WOTC keep a company around long enough with the upgrade cycles of Android and IOS? Never happen. Capcom has a better track record at updates than WOTC.

Comment Do they need Infrastructure People? (Score 1) 195

Great, hire all the programmers, but what about the folks who build the series of tubes that these hobbit loving keyboard warriors mash their face on with their LOLCats code? You need those folks too.

Let's talk brass tacks here: What's the fastest internet speed I can get for my house there in NZ and how much does it cost per month? This is what matters.

Comment Buy a Burner Phone (Score 1) 301

The Nokia 3010 just came back on the market for $50. This sucker will have a battery life for MONTHS. If all you need is a phone and you travel and don't want the bad man looking at your email just carry a crappy phone that you don't mind losing and forward all your phone calls to that other number.

I'd love to see the look on the security person's face when they try to figure that device out. It'll be insanely hilarious.

Comment Re:Always wait for the S version (Score 1) 114

I paid for the phone outright. Not on some payment plan locked to a vendor who will charge me an arm and a leg for service. It was cheaper in the long run to do this vs go with ATT/VZ/SPrint

I can choose to upgrade or I can stay with the current phone. 2-3 years is the length the phone batteries last, screen gets scratched to shit, device gets wonky. A hardware refresh keeps me uptodate and I got my money's worth out of the device.

Comment Re:Well there's a surprise (Score 3, Insightful) 114

Apple's Marketing is awesome like that.

One thing I will give Apple is that they will take technology that is mostly mature, fix lots of bugs and kinks, then roll it out and proclaim it "New! Exciting! So Pleased to show you!"

Yes Premium Android Smartphones have had everything that the Iphone8 will have for years. Apple will bring that capability to the masses and then the fleet of android handset manufacturers will push those features out till every single phone has it.

Comment Always wait for the S version (Score 1) 114

Get all the perks of the latest phone with all the bug ironed out. Still riding out a 6s until the 8s rolls through. 2-3 years for a phone is about right for me. No need to upgrade immediately as apple rarely does anything earth shattering in their phones any more.

Why should I be someone's guinea pig for new features when this phone meets 99% of my needs.

Comment This has been going on since 1998 (Score 2) 359

When I worked at UPS all the driver's routes were built specifically to avoid left turns at all possible for all the above reasons. This is not a new concept, this is old UPS delivery tactics now brought to the forefront because of the use of tracking and analytics. It's a fluff piece for UPS that's all.

I bet if you talked to folks who worked there longer you'd find that they've all been doing this for the whole time they've been driving .

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