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Comment No and HELL NO (Score 3, Insightful) 240

You want to learn the facts and the truth, do your own research. You want to see all sides of the story you can't trust ANY big company regardless of how hands off they are with any of their web browsers.

No one is truthful, everyone lies. Seek the truth yourself and make an informed opinion on what you read on various sites.

Comment I'm impressed... (Score 1) 73

seriously, I'm astoundingly impressed that this magnitude of data can bring an entire country's infrastructure to it's knees. The power that this botnet has is unprecedented, this is a digital Godzilla (DigiZilla?) running rampant on the streets of LIberia with the only defense some antiquated machine guns.

I'm not condoning this by any stretch of the means but I damn sure am amazed from a spectator's point of view. /hope they catch these guys //electrocute them with cattle prods ///then toss them in a shark tank ////PPV $99.99 make it happen

Comment Re:Different from the Kid Gloves They Used for App (Score 3, Interesting) 101

Apple Market Share: 3-5%
Windows Market Share: 90%
Everything else: Math%

Google wants to put as much pressure on MS to get them to fix the problem as quickly as possible as this vulnerability affects the largest market share of Google's Product.

We all know all those windows users will blame Chrome for infecting their machine Because Reasons(TM) so let Google force MS into fixing this issue ASAP.

Apple's vulnerability? Who cares, it affects a microcosm of Google's user base.

Comment Good.jpg (Score 2) 149

Get rid of the ridiculous cable boxes. The TV's we have now are a bajillion times more powerful than the ridiculous set top boxes. Why in the world would we need a DVR with the ability to stream shows. If the networks were smart they would just flag shows that people want to watch and when they finally want to view them start the stream.

That would require some engineering and know how to do. This would cost money, which of course, the cable companies don't want to spend.

Comment Was there Last week... (Score 1) 222

and the windmills are wayyyy off the coast near the lighthouse. They are not block anyone's view of anything. Gorgeous looking structures. Massive things. they will certainly save Block Island a metric fuckton of money on power as BI is the most expensive power consumer in the US. The damn island imports mountains of diesel fuel to power generators FFS. That style went out in the 60s.

Now if the cranky bastards who mandate that every house looks like Amnity out of Jaws and would let people put Solar Panels up on their houses this wouldn't be so bad, but the fuckers who say "OH THIS MUST BE HISTORIC LOOKING!" refuse to let any innovation come to the island. People can't have Sat dishes on their roof, has to be on the side of the house buried. Want internet? EL OH EL DSL 5/1 at a staggering amount of cash.

Block Island is pretty but it's technologically backwards. If only they'd have more cell towers as Cell phone service is GREAT and you can get 4G/LTE everywhere, now let me use 4G/LTE as full blown internet there phone carriers. It's make the curmudgeon town council happy that no more wires would have to be run to their drab and dull looking houses. /would buy a house there //rent it for the summer ///live in the winter ////Blue Pottery Coffee cups are the bomb.

Comment Yahoo bought to bolster AOL (Score 1) 206

Read that again. read it good. That is insane to purchase the mammoth company that is yahoo to increase the activity of AMERICAN ONLINE. Jesus Tap Dancing christ M. Myers should never get into a management position ever again if the best hope for your company is to be a feeder into AOL...

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