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Comment cheap guild wars 2 (Score 1) 55

- Underwater battle with drowning There is no so-called oxygen values ??in [url=][b]Guild Wars 2 Gold retailer[/b][/url], you will not be living in the water to be distracted worrying about their hypoxic been worried hypoxia experience will only make trouble, not the people to enjoy the game. You can quickly cross the surface of the water, but when the surface of the water, you will not be able to use any skills, not to attack any target. However, if you choose to dive into the water, your skills will be replaced by a completely different set of usual water skills, with the usual skills and water skills based on your career and weapons to all different with these water skills, you can experience the battle onshore completely different experience. First, the biggest difference of course is that you can easily move up and down, while on land, you can jump, but also can go to the second floor to go, but the water you can move along the Z-axis; 3D fighting absolute difference, you the cast of skills than harm, even up and down the enemy can attack to be around the enemy. And skills for the water environment set up, [url=][b]buy Guild Wars 2 Gold[/b][/url] you will not believe the elements so that will be under the water calls meteorite shower have been reduced to under the water from the air? Part of treatment skills, generic skills and elite skills can not be used in underwater, such as engineers can not set up under the water turret or laying landmines.

Comment cheap diablo 3 (Score -1, Offtopic) 187

Baal is a rich historical background role in the three devil story about it can be traced back to the ancient Celtic worship of God Balai NASDAQ (Belenus), in the legend of the Semitic family onit detailed records. Baal the original Canaanites, Phoenicians and Syrians God one and in fact, in the minds of these peoples, Baal is not like the description in the game, as unscrupulous destruction of magic, [url=][b]buy cheap diablo 3 gold[/b][/url] but a kind of life God. Legend, when the Baal brothers evil god Mott (Mot) the destruction of the world down to the mortal, Baal bravely stood up to challenge him. After a fierce battle, Baal Mott defeated when he fell to his knees and his brother in front of entirely swallowed. Seven years later, that Baal is the sister of Annett (Anat, the game in the first act, female demons Andreas?) Beat Mott, the Baal rescued from death. Unfortunately, in the process of Baal resurrection ink special awakening from death over, said that until today, the men were still locked in an endless war, the struggle between them created the changing of the seasons, [url=][b]buy diablo 3 gold[/b][/url] and Baal then became in charge of "life", "harvest" the gods (similar to the ancient Greek myth of being in charge of agriculture, marriage and fertile goddess Demeter). It is sometimes also referred to as the Baal "Hadad" or "Rimmon", defined as "Thor"; "fertile land was known as the" Baal's

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