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Comment Gates has changed... (Score 1) 335

Yes, you would think an OS owner would champion privacy but he is not an OS owner any longer. Gates has learned the complexity of wealth and power and an alliance with his government to protect his interests is what he now champions. Anyone that lives in the US and isn't concerned about what the NSA has done is ignorant or helping them make in roads into our privacy. Snowden has done the right thing and I am grateful for his sacrifice!
I want safety but this is power hungry people with not enough safeguards to protect us from them. I don't want the technology removed, I want it governed by our people!

Comment Re:I went back to corporate America because Obamac (Score 2, Informative) 578

I too could not afford it, it's not a "few hundred bucks!" I have a family of 4 total and it was going to cost me $1800 /month with a $5,000 - $10,000 deductible. I don't remember the exact deductible but I recall it being of $5K. It did not pay for doctor visits until I hit the deductible amount. Basically a High Indemnity plan for $1800.00 a month! I had just left a corp. so I signed up for COBRA which gave me a PPO for $1400.00 /month and a $800 deductible with $35 doctor visits. But COBRA is temporary, it expires.
The ACA plans are joke!

Comment I purchased the iPad Wifi (Score 0) 395

Sprint will let me add wifi hotspot to my android for 30 a month. I use the iPad mainly at home and at the office. Data access away from those two locations, for me is done on my android phone. I cannot afford a data plan for my toy but if you can go for it!

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