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Comment Re:Welcome to our world (Score 0) 1205

It's not because its 8$ its cheap...same with 5$. Hell any price is high. No one on earth can explain the price increase. Hell no one can give fact, information and proof that 100$ a barrel is cheap, too high or a good price...absolutely no one. I'm sorry but that industry is using the human emotion, they kind of hacked it in a very weird way. Think about it, fuel is used everywhere and they know they don't have good alternative. Once you got that information, you can do whatever you want. You can increase the price so high that people will do complain and probably create civil war

but they still have to pay the gas cause they got no choice. electric cars is not here to invade the market for tomorrow and same thing for hydrogen cars and other alternatives...its not good enough. Ohh and those electric cars, don't worry your electric power plant company will increase their prices as soon as the grid gets used more and you won't have a thing to say too.

Comment Re:Welcome to our world (Score 0) 1205

Here is the problem, fuel affects everyone...absolutely everyone. I do 100km each day to work. Theres no way for me to drive anything else than a car. We do have trains but they break each week. Plus, its only in rush hours so if I have an emergency and have to go home (kid stuff) then I won't be able too. biking is not for everyone. But true people should use more public transport systems instead of relying only on cars.

Comment Responsibility (Score 0) 1205

I hope you'll understand what I'm gonna say but I just can't understand how this industry works with responsibility. It's like they don't have any responsibility at all and they don't want it. Usually, when your company fucks up bad, you clean it up and your company pays for it, not your customer. You don't want your customer to go off because of that. A real world example is if a building blows up in flames and you have to build another store, well your not going to rise the prices in your store because of that incident. In other words and tellling that again, if you fuck up, mistake or not, you don't pass that "responsibility" or whatever you want to call it on your customers.

But for the petrol industry, each time there's an incident, it effects the prices. OK I might exagerate on my next example but these things happened and have been reported on the news like if an oil silo blows up or something major happens, the prices are affected. WTF ? If someone breaks a nail, the prices might increase 5 cents lol.

Comment More than the wii (Score 1) 304

Nothing beats some good old "get the fuck outside and play [insert sports name here]. Really what the hell is wrong with that ? name me 1 wrong thing with that ? nothing...theres no reason to go outside and play. Parents should get involved with their child's sport. Just playing ball is good enough...well better than gluing your ass on your sofa watching TV, computer or game console anyway. No details needed, take your kid, throw him out, get yourself outside and do something physical, walk, run, play ball. Steal a bike and get caught will the cop is beside you. Anything will do, you will have your daily exercice...really lol.

I remember when I was 20 and I subscribe to do kick-boxing, 3 times a week for 1h30 each session. I got out of there like I was walking on clouds. it was good. Now I got a kid and I play sports, play ball..whatever, I'm just outside with him playing with him doing something with him. My ass ain't stuck in a sofa. That attitude, behavior will help my kid understand that getting his ass outside the house helps and if your in a chair...well you'll get fat. plain and simpl.e

Comment Re:Tributes (Score 1) 582

Not unless the IT department is closely monitored by their supervisors and those same people are really paranoid which i think they are at this time of age. Well I am where I work and I make sure no one fucks with my firewall and network...a good use of a network monitor really helps. I use fear and I'm immune to beer so forget alcohol. Unless you shove it down my throat by 4 nude girls I could let some things go.

Comment Deja vu ? (Score 0) 205

link or no link, maybe I'm going to far with this but will this have a similar affect like the tobacco industry years ago ? you know, they all worked and did everything to could to make profit even if they murdered people to do profit. (I call it murder since that industry was aware of the health problems, lots of studies and proof exists)

Comment Re:Repeat after me: "Cash Clears at Par" (Score 1) 528

Electronic payment is not 100% safe. it's easily crackable and easily hackable. Banks aren't doing enough to make it safe...yet. They could but people would be too idiot to follow anyway. I'm a computer tech and trust me, I've seen my fair share of stupid people when it comes to easy "security" situations. I can't believe people still use their names or some very well public known word to them for their password. I've also seen people not securing their routers and other personal "electronic" gadgets and it is PRIMORDIAL to do so.

In other words, electronic is not the safest and best way cause people are too idiot or lazy to use more security. So I'm not convinced with what you said.

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