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Comment Re:Things (Score 2) 619

True, I certainly fall into that category. But at the same time as a creator of a site when it comes to installing advert systems there's never a choice only serving your viewers non invasive ads. It's unfortunate because site owners suffer because of this. Hopefully this will reach a head some time in the near future and the ad companies/govt will realise that people need to have a choice over whether companies are allowed to track them across the web. Although given the governments love of tracking people online I can't see them doing much...

Comment Re:Things (Score 2) 619

The tracker blocking was what made me switch adblocking on. I like the idea that they would only let through ads that don't track me, I want to support companies that rely on advertising, but not at the loss of my privacy. That said I understand why companies resent having to pay someone to allow them to make money by verifying their ads are 'acceptable'.

Comment Re:Transparency is supported. Pronounciation? (Score 1) 377

24bit PNGs compress much worse. It really is an issue for the web, images form the majority of the payload for most websites, and whilst people on /. might be use to several Mb/s broadband the reality is many people don't have that. Even in the UK mobile speeds are very low outside of cities. And when you compare evena jpg at fairly high quality to a 24bit PNG there's no practical difference visually so there's just no reason to clog up the web with PNGs. Obviously I'm just referring to photos - PNGs are great for logos/icons/etc.

Comment Re:Another way to get cheap labour (Score 1) 110

I'm not saying that understanding why you should do things isn't important, it is. But what I am saying is that a graduate should be able to come out of a course with skills that they can directly apply as well as understanding why to use them. And I'm not talking about the latest fads, but given that university curriculums normally take 2 years to get approval, and if it's a second year course you're looking at another two years to graduation, this means people are already four years out of date when they graduate. Four years will encompass massive shifts like responsive design, rather than javascript flavour of the month.

Comment Re:Another way to get cheap labour (Score 3, Insightful) 110

It's also about people learning useful skills. Lots of universities are teaching web design using dreamweaver! The university curriculums are too slow to reflect the latest tech in an industry that changes completely every year. It might not be the perfect solution with regards to pay, but it's certainly a step towards graduates coming out of uni with useful skills.

Comment Re:Also ban cars (Score 1) 183

The slippery slope may sometimes be a fallacy but the reality is it happens regularly, look at RIPA - legislation brought in to tackle serious crime thatended up being used by councils to watch people walking dogs to see if they let them poop on the pavement.Or the NSA employees who were spying on their exes using the NSAs vast reserves of data they used to spy on people.

Comment Re:A good idea, but... (Score 1) 210

You're right the university professor isn't the right guy, and good spot on the British English! Try adding salisbury or wiltshire to that search. But to be honest you will still get a lot of results, even using terms like -film -university etc I still have loads of results that have not been delisted by google, the chances of us working out which ones have changed is pretty remote. I think we can let that go given the time that has passed! Just don't waste any more tea please...

Comment Re:A good idea, but... (Score 1) 210

Perhaps, but I can easily see situations where people do stupid stuff like getting drunk and making fools of themselves, but not causing harm to others. These are the sort of situations where I feel it's reasonable to censor their own search results. But where someone's actions have impacted on other people, especially where they've caused harm they should not be allowed to remove them.

Comment A good idea, but... (Score 5, Interesting) 210

Whilst it's a good idea for most people to be able to hide some embarrassing stuff about them, sadly it can be used to hide information that should be public. For example I know of someone who owes me a considerable amount of money, and several others. He deliberately ran up the debt with no intention of paying. Whilst trying to find information about him the other day Google showed that it has hidden a results because of the right to be forgotten. I know that he's done this so he can get out there and con more people with less chance of being found.

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