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Comment Re:Will this result in lower prices? (Score 1) 242

It may be true for expensive physical products, but when the price is low (as $10 is compared to a $500 tablet), the price is dominated by other factors.

For years publishers had been crying that the reason for the high price of books was due to the high expense of production & warehousing. Enter ebooks and those expenses are gone. Sure there are some new expenses, but nothing even remotely approaching production and warehousing. Logically, the price of ebooks should be reduced but instead have been artificially propped up with the agency model.

"other factors" is just a nice way of saying greed.

Comment Prices (Score 4, Interesting) 416

consumers aren't going to accept $80-$100 game titles, especially not with mobile game prices in the 99 cent â" $4.99 range.

Does anyone actually believe this? It gets repeated over and over, but it makes zero sense. There isn't a single gamer that can't recognize the difference between the complexity of a mobile game and something like Skyrim. I get the feeling that this statement is just being repeated over and over in a lame attempt to brainwash people into believing it.

Comment Re:Request a blood test (Score 1) 498

I see what you did there.

Clearly the intent of the poster was placed upon the state of inebriation. Your last paragraph also deals with this. So in context it would seem that your link suggests that the definition of 'drunk' could be called into question, but it actually just outlines what constitutes 'operating a motor vehicle'. So yeah, it IS pretty easy to avoid drunk driving, contrary to your assertion.

Pretty sneaky, sis.

Comment Re:uhhh. (Score 1) 410

That's the big problem whenever someone trots out the "our founding fathers" argument. People assume that they were a unified front and all shared the same vision and philosophies, when in fact you could find a wide range of opinions. Some espoused rewriting the Consitution on a regular basis.

So when people cite "what our founding fathers would want", I always wonder which one(s).

Comment Re:A child died, playing hide and seek (Score 1) 284

I think George Lucas ought to be careful of movie scenario he puts on his movies. Children watching the movie might just do what the hero does - hide inside a fridge, - and suffocate, just like that poor child who died 4 decades ago

Indeed. I hear there have been a rash of small children jumping out of crashing planes and trying to sail gracefully to the ground using only an inflatable raft. Most don't make it, and of those that do, none have successful in riding the raft safely down the side of a mountain and over waterfalls.

It's a shame, really.

Comment, really. (Score 1) 278

The real reason why it is successful is because people are stupid enough to think all Apple products are top shelf.

It's kind of funny that there are people that still cling to this anti-Apple argument. Any person who objectively evaluates various tablets after actually using them admits that the Ipad is far and away the better, more polished product. I've been waiting for a non-Apple tablet for a long time, but each new product is just a new pretender.

For something to dethrone the Ipad, it will need to be as good as (if not better) AND come in at a lower price. That's a tall order.

Comment Re:So true (Score 1) 800

Apple products have always been about form over function - people would even buy them if the cases were empty.

Funny how people love to trot out this argument, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Even the topic here (Siri, in case you forgot) is entirely about functionality.

Just a fyi - what YOU perceive to be a valued function may not be the same as what the person next to you values.

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