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Comment Re:Visual medium = psychological effects (Score 1) 215

You know I agree with you. I remember seeing a documentary in 3D years ago and unlike other films where you remember seeing something about it, that one gave me memories. The kind you have of places you've been. It was really surprising afterwards even though it wasn't mind blowing during the screening.
So clearly it's PR and everything but I wouldn't say it's bullshit either...

Comment Re:Offset? (Score 1) 295

Problem is 4mpg doesn't mean much. Is that 4mpg starting from 15 mpg (26%) or 4 mpg starting from 45mpg (8.9%). mpg gains diminishe as you go higher and higher, meaning that going from 15 to 17 (+11% efficiency) mpg yields a greater gain in efficiency than going from 45 to 49mpg (2x the mpg, but only a 8% gain in efficiency).


Submission + - Reading cartoons make you secure?

An anonymous reader writes: Phishing is an increasing threat to Internet users and service providers alike. There is regulation stating what banks should do, there are laws, and lots of technical countermeasures. Still, phishing remains a problem. Now, there is also something for the common user to do: read cartoons! Anti-phishing cartoons, that is.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Dog Swallows iPod - Owner Finds in Poo Working

Funny Finder writes: Last Friday in Dalton, Georgia 23 year old Mark Clamp found his iPod Shuffle he had been missing for the last 4 days. The bad news is it was sitting in the middle of a pile of poo his dog Frank had just left on the back walkway.Rest Of The Story

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