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Comment it was one exception - the windshield (Score 1) 142

What a horrible title but par for the course around here.

From the horses mouth:

Traditional laminated automotive safety glass would add significant weight to the Transition® and could fracture in such a way as to obscure the vision of the pilot in the event of a bird impact. This exemption allows the use of polycarbonate materials that provide comparable protection to the occupants at significant weight-saving without shattering or crazing – improving the safety of the Transition®. In the exemption text, NHTSA states: “We further conclude that the granting of an exemption from these requirements would be in the public interest and consistent with the objectives of traffic safety.” In 2010, the Transition® was granted an additional 110 pounds allowance by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in a prior exemption action by the DOT.

Also the full text of the exemption is here:

Comment Re:Vodka (Score 2, Informative) 770

Clearly you have not used windows 7 as there is no classic mode anymore

Right-click Desktop -> Personalize -> at the bottom under "Basic and High Contrast" choose Windows Classic.

Then right-click Taskbar -> Properties -> under "Taskbar Appearance" check "use small icons"


Submission + - Apple censoring Single Payer advocacy App for the ( 1

ourcraft writes: "Apple store censored and prevented an iphone app that allows people to advocate for single payer healthcare.
"PALO ALTO, CA â"Apple, Inc. has censored an iPhone application promoting health insurance reform in the United States. iSinglePayer, an iPhone application that advocates for single-payer health care reform was rejected from the App Store by Apple because it is âoepolitically charged.â The application displays charts and bullet points about single-payer health care systems, and it allows users to call members of congress. iSinglePayer even calculates your local congressperson using GPS, and displays the amount of money donated to each congressperson from the health sector."
This is awful! This evil. This is just about the end of the line for apple arrogantly, stupidly, fascisticly thinking they can control our lives. And yes I mean fascist. They want to prevent you from using the tools they sell you from acting like a citizen? Yep thats fascism. Your phone wont let talk about politics. SHAME on Apple"

Comment Re:Come on GM, at least make the lie BELIEVABLE (Score 1) 1006

Considering that idle for Volt won't be like idle for a normal ICE vehicle I don't imagine heavy traffic or sitting time to affect its range. Consider the amount of torque required for the motor to generate to get the vehicle moving, then the amount needed to say run the gauge clusters, climate control, Nav, its definitely nowhere near. How the vehicle actually handles the power requirements of varying loads is still a mystery, so its speculation.

Also I see you mentioning a two seater, the Volt is a mid-size(?) sedan and with the range extending gas engine it can go as far as you want. From other blogs I've read that the Volt still achieves 50mpg when running exclusively on gasoline (no prior charge) so that's still rather impressive I think at least.

Comment Re:Both GM and Chrysler were handle poorly (Score 1) 336

The Ford Fiesta is coming stateside, probably in 2010 as a 2011 model, check:

Ford is in the process of transitioning to using more European based models in the states, or rather shifting to a global-model rather than; sexy European Focus and ugly-stick-beaten North America Focus. This began last year, also in this plan was the use of more EcoBoost (smaller displacement, forced-induction) engines which is already beginning to appear in Fords line-up.

Comment Too much Mountain Dew? (Score 4, Insightful) 44

Me thinks these MIT students have been chugging too much Mountain Dew while cramming for final exams. Unless this is actually for a class...

Subtext being that this WowPod is basically a diorama of slightly higher quality than that of a 5th grader but is deemed newsworthy by being contexted with World of Warcraft and having been done by MIT students.

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