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Ask Slashdot: Security Monitoring Company That Accepts VPN Video Feeds? 136

mache writes: My cousin is finishing up a major remodel of his home in Houston and has installed video cameras for added security. At my suggestion, he wired up all the cameras to be on a separate VLAN that only uses wired Ethernet and has no WiFi access. Since the Houston police will only respond to security alarms if the monitoring company is viewing the crime in progress, he must arrange for the video feed to available to a security monitoring company. I told him that the feed should use VPN or some other encrypted tunneling technique as it travels the Internet to the monitoring company and we proceeded to try and find a company that supported those protocols. No one I have talked to understands the importance of securing a video feed and everyone so far blithely suggests that we just open a port on his home router. Its frustrating to see such willful ignorance about Internet security. Does anyone know of a security monitoring company that we can work with that has a clue?

Comment Re:Texas is the wrong place to be a minority (Score 1) 621

Several sites including this one say he showed it to six teachers.. Finally his English teacher sent him to the principal (because he plugged it in and it was making noise!)

Quote: Everyone with a brain knows that 14 year old boys are almost always up to some sort of mischief. They’re going through this phase where they’re learning to question authority and they love to see how far they can bend the rules. And if they can get a teacher all worked up about something innocent, they’re gonna do it. He showed the “clock” to five teachers who thought nothing of it. Then finally the sixth one, his English teacher, took the bait and reported it. That’s exactly what this kid did and you all fell for it.

Comment Re:Texas is the wrong place to be a minority (Score 1) 621

There was a survey, of sorts.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?... A sense of humor about bombs will get you detained at airports... and schools. Heck, bring an aspirin or butter knife to school and get sent home. Chew a pop-tart into the shape of a gun, or point your fingers and say "pew pew" and get suspended. Plugging an unsafe contraption (with exposed electrical components) in during English and having it make noise is grounds to be sent to the principal.

Comment Re:Texas is the wrong place to be a minority (Score 1) 621

9 out of 10 people on the street said his "clock" looked like a bomb. Only 1 out of 5 of his teachers who saw the device (plugged in and beeping!) took the bait and sent him to the principal. The only real problem was that the photo of him handcuffed was released, which was a violation of school policy and common decency to protect minors identity. Of course, if he was terribly mistreated, he should release all the reports about his arrest and the details of his "invention".

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 712

Exactly. Wish I could up-vote. That is nearly flawless performance actually... Watch the videos of police dealing with the most vile humans society has.. and they usually do it professionally and with a level of patience I could never reach. A hard job that saves countless lives in every community they serve--but they save more lives in the inner city than they do it rich white neighborhoods.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 712

Cops spend hundreds of hours each year in training how to deal with lawbreakers who often have a combination of mental and physical impairment, coupled with drugs/alcohol and simple belligerence. The rules of the game are simple: You don't run from the police, otherwise they WILL chase you may end up hurt or dead. You don't resist arrest, otherwise they'll subdue you and you may get hurt or dead. If you injure a police officer, you'll go to jail. If you resist, you will be arrested and that will make your court case worse. Arguing with the police simply won't work. The courts are where you argue your case and the judges are more than willing to let little crimes and misdemeanors slide. But resisting arrest is simply not safe or acceptable to anyone in a civil society.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 2, Interesting) 712

How about a 2 hour course for high-schoolers in the inner cities called: How to behave around the police? Nearly every high-profile death by police officer would not have occurred if the person had simply complied with the police doing their jobs. Add mandatory jail time for resisting arrest. Resisting or not shutting up while getting arrested should include a smack of the baton.

Comment Re:Best of all its "Free".... HAHAHAHAH (Score 1) 311

Appreciate the dialog. A few questions...

1. Is your product's source fully available online? (If yes, skip 2&3)
2. Has anyone asked for the source code?
3. Even though I haven't bought your product, would you send all the source code so I can post it to github?
4. Won't GPL use reduce your ability to sell the company or integrate the product with other commercial apps?

I just don't get how GPL would ever make sense for a programmer trying to earn a living. Fine for hobby projects, or learning a new skill, or when you're feeling philanthropic.. but as a business decision?

Bonus question... What's your GPL company or product?

Comment Re:Best of all its "Free".... HAHAHAHAH (Score 1) 311

Why desktop? Because images are meant to be viewed.. And because GPL FLIF won't become a standard for web browsers, a desktop app would be the most logical way to view these images (unless you want to convert it to PNG, which defeats the purpose of having a new standard.)

The lack of desktop apps that use GPL that are profitable is the glaring proof that GPL is not good for developers in that rather large market segment. Web-based services use a lot of GPL, but they have a free pass from having to release all their source code that touches GPL code.

I'll add that I am a software developer. I write desktop apps, web services, and pure server apps that I sell. My apps sell online whether I'm on vacation or working for a client, learning new code, or adding features. By avoiding GPL, I can use my software anywhere I like, sell it any way I like, and not worry about hiring a legal team to review compliance with the licenses. More importantly, I don't have to perform tech support to get paid for my own work-- that would limit my ability to earn money to the number of hours in the day I want to work.

I prefer two ideals: "write once, sell many" and "willing seller, willing buyer", as it works well for me. Unless you're retired, or happy to live as a pauper, how is "Sell your software, but give it away if anyone wants it for free." a better strategy to earn a living? I'm sure I just wasted a lot of my and your time.. but who knows.

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