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Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 630

Settle down. alere didn't say unions were always a bad thing. He (or she) simply told us his experience, which is relevant in the conversation, especially since he works in the same industry as the OP. And after you are done lecturing others about fallacious arguments, you can work on your own reading comprehension.

Comment Try electrical engineering instead (Score 1) 220

Computer science job generally equals programming, which means sitting down at a computer all day. If that doesn't interest you, try a related field: electrical and/or computer engineering. This opens up a wide variety of jobs all the way across the physical activity spectrum. Some engineer spend all day at a desk designing/programming, but others are in field service and spend lots of time traveling and working on physical machinery.

Comment Can't justify the high monthly cost (Score 1) 851

I have a prepaid AT&T GoPhone which makes all the calls I care to make and costs me $9/month. In addition, I have an iPod Touch that does nearly everything an iPhone does whenever WiFi is available for $0/month. Sure, it would be nice to have a new iPhone that would work everywhere, but I just can't justify increasing my monthly fee by 700% for the convenience.

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