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Comment Re:Security is an historical function, not marketi (Score 1) 194

But they aren't claiming "since"
They are claiming it is the most secure version, period...which is just not possible to claim, until tested.

The oldest, supported version of Windows is likely the most secure - due to all major, known, CVE's being patched.

New code cannot inherently be claimed to be secure.

Comment Security is an historical function, not marketing (Score 2) 194

How secure this version of Windows is can only be determined after-the-fact.
Once a year goes by, and security researchers have sunk in their teeth, can we really determine how good the initial threat model was.

"The most secure version of windows" has been claimed for every release since Windows 98... and we know how that turned out.

Comment Great program (Score 1) 29

I participated in this program in 1996-1997, in Manchester, NH. Since the program was founded by Dean Kamen (of Segway fame) - and his offices were based in Manchester - the program was pretty big there.
At the time, my team was sponsored by PSNH (electric co.) - as a result, I learned a lot about engineering, and programming.
I really see it as a major influence in my decision to ultimately go to engineering school.

While it looks like the team now has a new sponsor ( http://powerknights.com/ ) - and they no longer go to EPCOT for national competitions, like they once did - it is great to see that this program is still active, and vibrant, since it really offers so much more than a "battlebot" type program.

Kudos to all the sponsors, and mentors out there.

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