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Comment I completely agree (Score 1) 184

At least to the extent that the work is completely creative and does not rely on prior art.

So, we must exempt the use of previously used words or phrases. Or, the use of characters or glyphs previously invented. Using those borrowed ideas, which are in the public domain, should place any derivative works also into the public domain.

Comment Re:Occam's Razor (Score 1) 392

'If Monks Had Macs' was a wonderful mixed bag of surprises.

People here mention Excel or FileMaker as simple programming environs, but I am hard pressed to think of any popular game written in either of them.

Hypercard could implement many simple office workflow solutions and was a fun toy, too.

Industrial strength solutions are written by teams to solve big problems, but tools like Hypercard offered personal computing one's own personal solutions. Personally useful stacks could be created in a few minutes to implement games, databases, workflows, or most anything you could think of.

Comment Re:A minor bit is due to man (Score 1) 695

The climate in the summer in the last 100 or 200 or 300 years has been significantly colder than the climate in the summer. Thats a simple fact. And, yes the weather in the summer is usually warmer than the weather in the winter.

Annual climate change is certainly man made, but seasonal climate change is not and is even more significant.

Comment A minor bit is due to man (Score 0) 695

Most climate change is seasonal. And, the seasons are caused by the tilt of the earth's axis which was there before man evolved.

Most year over year climate change is caused by man, but it will be a very long time before man's year over year effect is as large as the climate change from summer to winter to summer. That would be a very large change which will probably not occur within the lifetime of anyone alive today, much more like the change from spring to summer or autumn to winter. It is up to our children to experience man's climate change of winters to summers and summers to hell on earth.

Comment This is awful (Score 1) 485

Please Please Please Adobe, Do No Kill Flash

Sure I hate it. It is the engine of all the blinking, spinning, annoying bits of noise on web pages everywhere. If you kill Flash, then these bubbly bits of crap will be implemented by the intrinsic features of every browser. I use ClickToFlash to keep these naughty bits of the web in their place. How will I suppress the noise?

Please continue to support Flash so I have an easy way of turning the crap off.

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