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Comment Re:Fully Informed Jury Association (Score 3, Interesting) 277

Substantially incomplete response. Jury nullification originated in England, the 'founder' of our Common Law. Juries did not want children stealing bread to eat (read:to not starve to death) to be convicted of a capital crime and be executed. Eventually that society (and ours) learned we don't execute children for theft, then extended to adults; we don't cut off hands or arms for theft either. It's (also) a check and balance where a prosecutor can 'get a jury to indict a ham sandwich'. /UNRELATED RANT so i dont want to post as AC so wrongly programmed Slashdot doesnt retain the RSS link after I (re-) register. Can go to main Slashdot but that sets off my No-Script. had to kill page then click on RSS again (not as easy since all marked as Read) and fortunately I stayed login. FAIL, Slashdot programmers/ sw. /end unrelated rant

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