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Submission + - Massive Power Outages in Brazil Caused by Hackers

Hugh Pickens writes: "CBS reports on "60 minutes" that a massive two day power outage in Espirito Santo State affecting more than three million people in 2007 and another, smaller event in three cities north of Rio de Janeiro in January 2005 were perpetrated by hackers manipulating control systems. Former Chief of US National Intelligence Retired Adm. Mike McConnell says that the "United States is not prepared for such an attack" and believes it could happen in America. "If I were an attacker and wanted to do strategic damage to the United States, I would either take the cold of winter or the heat of summer," says McConnell "I would probably sack electric power on the U.S. East Coast, maybe the West Coast and attempt to cause a cascading effect." Congressman Jim Langevin says that US power companies need to be forced to deal with the issue after they told Congress they would take steps to defend their operations but did not follow up. "They admit that they misled Congress. The private sector has different priorities than we do in providing security. Their bottom line is about profits," says Langevin. "We need to change their motivation so that when see vulnerability like this, we can require them to fix it." McConnell adds that a similar attack to the one in Brazil is poised to take place on US soil and that it may take some horrific event to get the country focused on shoring up cyber security. "If the power grid was taken off line in the middle of winter and it caused people to suffer and die, that would galvanize the nation. I hope we don't get there.""

Comment it was my fault (Score 1, Funny) 100

my pc. it is 3400mhz and all the data center host sites of my interest. for the first time in 21020 hours of perfect runtime the ups saved it in a series of northeast thunderstorms coniciding with the outages around the globe. the permeating physics were too much for the world, reverberating to an unintentional master of perfect float, hardly busy, waiting to send a message. Believe it or not.

Comment it is about time for cheap (Score 1) 618

I stopped thinking of needs after 12 years when I installed an ati 2600. It seems my needs are synonymous with prices, it always knows what I am thinking....I started as well with a "tiny" rage lt pro years ago now and fell for the whole evolution of it least 10 cards in 11 years... I am still air cooled BTW, AGP, dx10 and vista, AGP and air cooled need a realistic return that needs to make a return to mainstream and demanding computing..

Comment Re:Sadly, I installed BitchX (Score 1) 739

I also went that route, compiled software for the first time, I liked eggdrop bots, and was introduced to TCL, which has been in all my windows os since it began for me in 1999.I seem to be much younger then in actions than I am now of course. After the redhat 6* kernel hacks, I ran from linux. Original TCL however remains my einstein. Coincidental to this question: I recently have setup a vc++ ide and compiled extensions for my own programming with tcl very much the heart of it. It has been fun to learn.

Comment How bout the REAL vid encoder (Score 1) 641

Xp vid encode seemed faster bacause it didn't work (I encode vids, the torture has got to end some common sense day). Vista, even at toms hardware review of old shows it is indeed all the same hardware doing the same work...and here comes the astonishing complaint the h.264 encoding time is slower...ya wanna know why? because it is actually encoding inVista...Vids seem to be a slippery subject for hardware and it is repulsive to think about. Vista is slower there...because it is working.It is not much longer to windows 7 and to gain an actual unloading of nonused programs from memory. If that is all windows 7 did it is still an upgradable thought. For now, I am just diving into vista...just for a darn home video...

"We are disappointed that CPU-intensive applications such as video transcoding with XviD (DVD to XviD MPEG4) or the MainConcept H.264 Encoder performed 18% to nearly 24% slower in our standard benchmark scenarios. Both benchmarks finished much quicker under Windows XP. There aren't newer versions available, and we don't see immediate solutions to this issue." -tomshardware

Comment Re:legally speaking, it's the first leap for the U (Score 1) 255

"No matter how hard we rant and scream about what a mess our predecessors made with their concept of reality, we can't get them to fix what they did. We just have to cope and move on. The best we can do is not to make the mess worse for our posterity."

  from the link posted above. Interesting read. I still wonder why we have a leap year, no need of it. I never got over what I learned from a bunch of unix chat servers world wide linked together. Absolutely amazingly Wrong, when time and reality have to work in milliseconds or seconds around the world together. leap year is dumber than a carpocalypse..oh wait.

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