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Comment Re:H-1B abuse and Trump (Score 1) 813

It's really that people think that Trump is a hypocrite for offshoring manufacturing, using H2B workers, shafting small businesses by refusing to pay them for services/products delivered, and then declaring that he's for American workers and against companies who offshore manufacturing, use foreign workers, etc. I expect him to take deductions and minimize his taxes. I get that real estate developers can more or less never pay taxes by timing depreciation and new development, and it's been in the tax code pretty much forever. But I don't think Trump is a smart businessman because he's managed to keep most of his assets after filing for bankruptcy 6 times. Smart businessman never file for bankruptcy, because they know how to run successful businesses that don't overextend themselves and can pay off their debts.

Comment Re:H-1B abuse and Trump (Score 1) 813

Let me fix that for you:

Meanwhile, Russia is doing its best to antagonize Hillary, Obama, and Kerry, to the point of directly funding their opposition in Syria with weapons and overt personnel/expertise. If Hillary gets elected, I can virtually guarantee that we will end up in a shooting war with Russia...probably via proxy, possibly even directly.

It's a good thing that Putin's fanboi Trump is going to win the election then?

Comment Re:Outsourcing danger (Score 2) 301

My employer outsourced about 200 people to IBM Global Services about 5 years ago, hiring maybe 30 of them to stay for 2-4 years. About 6 months into the program, he had the gall to stand up at an IT wide meeting and admit that they "didn't get the A-team, they didn't even get the B or C-team, but he would fix it". Two years later, he was gone. We still have IBM and Cognizant at our shop, and they're still not the A-team. Don't get me wrong, some of them are excellent, and most of them are the on-shore team, the off-shore team is always hit-or-miss. I only know of one personal that we've ever managed to "fire" for cluelessness, most of them disappear because they got a better job across the street back in India. The Cognizant folks actually have tried to bring in some modern practices, unlike the IBM group, who couldn't even be bothered to learn to use a newer version of an IBM product (with practically zero differences). When either company brought in "experts" in technologies we are using, they never knew more than our own people did, and often less.

Maybe it's our contracts, but I know of plenty of cases where we've asked for statement of work to do stuff, and the internal folks report that something that ought to take a couple of hours gets padded out to several weeks. If I were a CIO, I'd build my own internal contractor pool before outsourcing to India. With an internal pool, there's more stability and accountability, and you can salt it with people from your company who actually understand the business.

Comment Re:Holy misleading summary, Batman! (Score 1) 587

My main complaint is not necessarily about the Sad Puppies slate, but Vox Day's Rabid Puppies slate, where 4 of the 5 nominees for best Novella were published by his publishing house, 3 of them by one person. I don't think this is about excellence in writing, this is about self-promotion and blatant manipulation of the nomination process. I have never seen anyone from Tor publishing a slate of candidates for the Hugos, let alone one that is basically only by Tor published writing.

Comment Poorly designed green roofs = nasty mold problems (Score 1) 247

My employer used to have a green roof with grass or plants, I can't remember which. The roof ended up leaking and the building had a terrible mold problem. Some of my coworkers couldn't work on certain floors because of their mold allergies. They eventually got rid of the plants, redid the entire roof sans plants and spent a large amount of money remediating the mold problem.

Comment Re:Credit rating databases aren't new (Score 1) 294

The other posters are referring to 11 year old Sarah Murnaghan, who needed a lung transplant and, by the transplant registry rules was at the bottom of the list because she was under 12 and was on the pediatric list instead. After winning the court case, she had two double lung transplants because the first set of lungs failed within 24 hours. She's still alive, nearly a year after the transplants.

Comment Re:And each part takes a proportional share of deb (Score 2) 489

I think you'll find this sentiment in the agricultural areas of most states that have a lot of agricultural area and a few large (1 million +) metropolitan areas, as the metro areas are usually much more liberal than the agricultural areas. Their primary issues are often quite different also. Look at North Carolina, which lumps most of the liberals into a district that is Charlotte, Raleigh, and the interstate highway between them.

Comment Re:Furloughed workers (Score 1) 346

If I want subsidized insurance I have to enroll in medicaid. I bet you didn't realize that if your income is too low your only option for subsidized insurance is medicaid. I wouldn't touch that crap with a 10 foot pole.

What do you think Medicaid is? Under Obamacare, it's that exchange insurance policy with a subsidy. You'll be paying your portion of the premium to the insurance company and the government pays the rest. You don't have to take the bronze plan in order to get the subsidy, either.

Comment Do you REALLY want these people in charge of your (Score 1) 346

And this is this typical anti-Obamacare response based on misrepresentation of how Obamacare works. Obamacare is basically two things: a private insurance exchange that has specific rules about what is covered and a medicaid program that subsidizes the premiums. The only people who are deciding whether or not your mother can have surgery are employees of the insurance company your mother chooses. That's right, the so-called death panels are run by a bunch of private for-profit (or sometimes not-for-profit) insurance actuaries. And even those not-for-profit insurance companies don't do losses unless they want to go out of business.

Sure, some people signing up in the exchange might end up being told that they qualified for subsidies when they should have, and will have to refund some or all of their subsidies. But your definition of "routinely" is bogus. I'm quite sure that it doesn't mean, at least 50% of benefits are calculated incorrectly, probably something like .1%-.3% are calculated incorrectly. If you have a hundred thousand SSA beneficiaries with incorrect benefits, it sounds like a huge problem, but when it's put in the perspective of .2% of 55 million recipients, it doesn't have the same impact.

Even though healthcare.gov is a government program, most of the development work was not done by government employees, it was done by a bunch of government contractors following the requirements of a bunch of political appointees who were in over their heads. People like your wife's coworkers aren't the ones setting up these systems, they're not the cause of the initial fiasco, they're not the ones on the death march to fix the problems. They're just shuffling the paperwork once the process is set up. And the paperwork they're shuffling has nothing to do with medical decisions whatsoever, it's just deciding whether somebody is going to have to pay full price for their insurance or if the government is subsidizing it.

I probably should have posted this anonymously like you did so I could mod you down, because your post isn't insightful at all. If Obamacare was a national healthcare system like the UK NIH you might have had a valid point, but it's not, and the Department of Health and Human Services is not in charge of your healthcare beyond requiring that any health insurance sold in the exchanges has to provide coverage for specific procedures and have specific out of pocket maximums. They're not even responsible for the insurance companies cancelling the existing policies that don't meet their requirements for the exchanges.

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