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Comment Re:What do you bet... (Score 1) 509

In fact, I'd say gun ownership does more to prevent crime than it does to encourage it.

You'd say that, but you'd not have the faintest idea what you were talking about. The evidence strongly refutes that opinion. I know, you can't really compare one country against another. But it's a better start than a (likely) self-interested opinion.

Comment Re:Cycling to work (Score 1) 865

Of course, if you're in most of the US or Canada, you're shit out of luck, but there are some cities that are cyclist-friendly even in North America.

I don't know about the US, or even about a lot of Canada, but Ottawa is a fantastic city to bike commute - I did it for many years, most recently I had a 40km round-trip. Took under 40min each way on a good day, mostly on bicycle paths and quiet secondary roads.

Of course, this wasn't possible from mid-November until mid-to-late March most years. I doubt Finland is more amenable than that, though.

Comment Re:Problem is...can't validate the on-line votes (Score 1) 324

It won't work. American public won't trust it and won't be for a very long time.

Considering that the story is about Canadian elections, who gives a fuck what the American public thinks?

Right, you didn't read the headline, never mind the summary, and god forbid reading the article.

Well, the USA like Canada is a pretty democratic country. And the USA, like Canada, has a lot of smart, thoughtful people who can help think through problems. So as a Canadian, I'm happy to hear what Americans think about questions of interest to us both.

Comment Re:The ultimate irony (Score 1) 399

That's the beauty of color photography - if you know how to desaturate the colors, you don't need the gels any more. If you treat the three color channels (RGB) as three monochrome channels, you can mix and match to your heart's delight, and you'll have as much, if not more, flexibility as you ever had with filters. But of course, a good "black-and-white" print is anything *but* monochrome - there are/were warm-toned papers, cold-toned papers, and toners like selenium with which you can create wonderful "split-toned" prints that range from reddish-browns through bluish to golden highlights. You *can* still do this digitally. I haven't used my 8x10 or 4x5 cameras in over 15 years. I'm not sure they're worth a lot of cash today, either, though. But you're right, the digital devices will depreciate even faster.

Submission + - Infrastructure Spending Should Make Economic Sense (

bfrpsw writes: "The rush to spend on infrastructure to prop up the economy is going to leave us with a massive deficit. An economics blog post at entitled "How to be a Good Keynesian" points out that, even though infrastructure spending is probably the best tool left to fight the recession, the money shouldn't be wasted. The posting argues that the new spending should only be on projects that pass a cost-benefit test."

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