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Comment A company pays $100/hour to a contracting company (Score 4, Interesting) 111

An the pour worker gets $40/hour. This is a story I see more and more often. An authorize contracting company will supply us a candidate. We hire the candidate at the agreed upon rate of $100/hour. We find out later after he is on board that he has a second contracting company who is his prime contracting agency. This prime agency is not an authorize company to deal with my company. The resulting pay per hour after the authorized contracting company takes their 30-40% and the prime contracting company takes their 30-40% is that pour worker gets $40-$50 per hour. It gets worse, after the period of time that the worker has performed well and we wanted to hire them and transfer the H1-B to my company, the prime contracting company says that if he does this they will report to the government that he didn't actually work in the US. We found out later that they were paying them in Rupee in India. Loopholes are for the dishonest and greedy.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi with camera (Score 5, Informative) 93

The 12 volt to USB was just one I had laying around the parts box. The camera was from The 64 GB card was bought at Costco. The instructions that I leveraged were from the installation instructions for the pi camera at I added a few scripts to manage the startup and storage of the video. When the unit powers up (when I start the car) it starts. When I shut the car down I press a button before shutting the car down that stops the recording and stores the video file and shutdowns the pi. Each time I run this in the car I have to park the car in the garage and transfer via wifi and ssh the video files. Its a hack at this point, but some of the video management stuff can be made better. The pi camera doesn't like the dark, but there are ways to make the pi camera IR sensitive by doing a little bit of surgery to remove the IR filter. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure that several others may be offering this version of the camera soon. Hope this helps,

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