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Comment vi / vim Without an ESCape key? (Score 1) 675

Bummer! You need a physical, easy to hit, ESC key for vi / vim.

It kinda makes you wonder how many engineers were consulted about the new design. I'm guessing Steve Jobs would have taken input from them into consideration.

I guess I'll be mapping the backquote key to ESC if I buy a new MacBook Pro.

Comment Re:Short Sighted (Score 2) 30

From the article:

    "Analysts and investors have favored disposing of the business, which they said didn't add much to the chip sales and was too dependent on the shrinking PC market."

In shared computing environments (the cloud) and in small-form-factor networked computing (IoT), creating new security mechanisms which may require hardware/software co-design is the future. The statement above pretty much ignores this, hence my comment.

The sort of thing I am referring to is already present in hardware acceleration for encryption and Intel's trusted platform module (TPM), the latter causing some controversy for being a closed system which might be doing evil things. :-/

Breaking these two apart is a short-sighted business decision. It is not the sort of thing a far-sighted, research-driven company would/should do.

Comment Short Sighted (Score 2) 30

Thinking the security future is PC-based is short-sighted at best. Security in the future is going to be about hand-held devices, moving data (between devices, cloud, etc.), and the small, connected devices we like to call the Internet-of-Things.

These markets will make the PC security market looks small.

Comment Good Silicon Valley Apartment (Score 1) 123

This would make a good (affordable) Silicon Valley apartment. The 610 sq. ft. place I rented back in 2005 for $700/month now goes for $2100/month. If I were a recent college graduate starting out in Silicon Valley, a very small apartment similar to these hotel rooms would be a great way to start saving to get into something I could own.

Comment Good software engineers can learn new languages. (Score 1) 437

A good software engineer should be able to learn a new language in a week or so. If there is something inherent in the language which makes this not possible, e.g. pointers, generics, functional v. procedural, etc., then the software engineer has a gaping hole in his/her knowledge and may need some additional training.

That point aside, I think the discussion here makes the decision C, mostly because of unknown future support for Rust--it is too new to know.

Unless C has an easily describable deficiency which will be covered by a different language, there is no argument here.

An engineer not being willing/able to learn C does not count as a deficiency in C. The same is true for Rust.

Also, if one particular engineer has a strong preference for Rust, for the preference to be an informed decision, the engineer must already be familiar with C, so there should be no problem for that engineer to work in C if the decision goes that way.

Comment Funding Needed (Score 3, Interesting) 132

From Mr. Overstreet's announcement:

PSA: Right now I'm not getting any kind of funding for working on bcachefs; I'm
working on it full time for now but that's only going to last as long as my
interest and my savings account hold out. So - this would be a wonderful time
both for other developers to jump in and get involved, and for potential users
to pony up some funding. If you think this is interesting and worthwhile and you
want to see it completed and upstream - especially if you're at a company that
might make use of it - talk to your $manager or whoever and nag them until they
send me a check :)

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