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Comment Re:Gritting is just silly (Score 2, Interesting) 211

They sell studable winter tires, although in many places they are illegal, for the reason you pointed out, plus they destroy the pavement. On the up side, if you can use them, I hear you can stick to ice as if it were pavement. Though with modern winter tires, even 10" of snow isnt a major issue even for most vehicles. I have only had issues in my corolla with Gislavid winter tires when the snow was high enough to start coming up the hood and over the windshied. If i stopped I couldnt get moving forward again wthout reversing and making a running start at it.

Submission + - Lawsuit claims Xbox 360s scratch discs

StonyandCher writes: A class action suit in Florida claims that Xbox 360s can scratch game discs, making them unusable.

Just days after Microsoft took a more than US$1 billion earnings charge to fix hardware problems in Xbox 360 consoles, a class-action suit says that the consoles also damage game discs.

Filed on Monday in the U.S. District court for the Southern District of Florida, the suit claims that Xbox 360s scratch game discs, making them unusable. Thousands of people have been affected by and have complained to Microsoft about the problem, the suit claims. The suit asks for damages over US$5 million and the repair of Xbox 360s that cause the scratching and replacement of damaged discs.
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Submission + - Bush Presidency Dead as a Duck ( 1

Tanaris writes: By commuting the sentence of Scooter Libby (with a pardon to follow), President Bush has effectively admitted his mandate to lead is over. With his crushing defeat on immigration reform last week, Republicans in Congress jumping ship on his Iraq policy, and no chance of any legacy changes for the rest of his administration, Bush decided the time was right to get his loyal servant a get out of jail free card.

I don't want to debate whether Libby was guilty or not, a fall guy or not, that his sentence was too heavy or not — that's not what is truly important. Rather, that our system of government allows for a president with another 18 months in office without any support of the American people. This creates a devil may care attitude which he just exhibited with Libby. What's next — executive orders on issues he cares about and war power's act decisions to bomb the Axis of Evil? Where are the checks on him now? At times like this there needs to be a mechanism like the California recall system that can bring this train wreck to a halt. I'm not sure what that is but a president at 25% approval rating who goes against the will of the people, time and time and time again is not good for American and our standing in the world.

Let's hope these kind of decisions are kept to a minimum as we wait for the end to mercifully come.

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Submission + - Linux Gains Completely Fair Scheduler (

SchedFred writes: KernelTrap is reporting that Ingo Molnar's Completely Fair Scheduler, or CFS, was just merged into the Linux Kernel. The new CPU scheduler includes a pluggable framework that completely replaces Molnar's earlier O(1) scheduler, and is described to "model an 'ideal, precise multi-tasking CPU' on real hardware. CFS tries to run the task with the 'gravest need' for more CPU time. So CFS always tries to split up CPU time between runnable tasks as close to 'ideal multitasking hardware' as possible." The new CPU scheduler should improve the desktop Linux experience, and will be part of the upcoming 2.6.23 kernel.

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