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Submission + - Coffee shrinks breasts (

bevoblake writes: Scientists from Lund University have found that coffee shrinks breasts. Apparently 50% of women have a gene that makes them vulnerable to this calamity. Although most slashdotters will never have any hands on experience with any of this, is it time that coffee is banned outright?

(Almost forgot — coffee also reduces risk of breast cancer)

The article states that:

The team found that about half of women have a gene that links breast size to coffee intake, The Local reported. Healthy, premenopausal women with the gene who drink three or more cups of coffee a day have smaller breasts. Those women also have a lower risk of breast cancer. It's not the caffeine that does it. For carriers of the gene, coffee counteracts effects of hormones that can be carcinogenic.


Submission + - Amazon offers text message shopping (

bevoblake writes: Striking fear into the hearts of brick and mortar stores everywhere: Amazon is now offering a text-message shopping system. According to Wired, "Amazon TextBuyIt, which launched late Tuesday, lets people text the name of a product, its description or its UPC or ISBN to 262966 (that's "Amazon" on the keypad) from anywhere their cell phones work — including from inside physical stores. If Amazon stocks matching items, the service returns two results at a time. Shoppers can immediately buy one of the first two the selections by texting back the number '1' or '2,' or they can ask for more by texting the letter 'M.'"

Does this mean I can stop trying to load Amazon's searches from my tiny cell phone browser when I comparison shop?

United States

Submission + - Arctic Melt Opens Northwest Passage (

bevoblake writes: That pesky global warming is at it again: the famed Northwest Passage is open and ice free for the first time since satellite records began in 1978. The international community has already started gritching about access rights, with the rascally Russians even planting a flag on the sea floor to lay claim to natural resources.

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