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Comment Re:Another one to add to the list (Score 1) 23

Exactly how is that supposed to be offensive?

Yeah, my bad. I wrote that before I learned you're part of the silent majority.

Congrats on your long con, BTW. I can only imagine the patience it took you to keep it up. You can collect your scalp and fuck off back to Breitbart now.

Phew, glad that's over!

Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 16

Trudeau? Eh, another centrist... Not much will happen...

Of course not, our country's not a fucking hellhole. Brilliant analysis there, bub.

But, I guess you would rather people not vote and take the chance

LOL, yeah I'm the guy telling people the system's shit and not worth a damn. Whatever, projection boy.

The Animal Planet explains it much better.

I hear if you spend a little more money, you can get the grownup channels too. Just saying.

that makes this conversation a wash!

Such a petty little scorekeeper!

In addition to your obvious bias

So obvious you can't dig up a credible example! Fuck me, Imma need a macro for this response...

you are only blaming the object of desire and not the desire itself

Ah, the Animal Planet reference makes sense now! You kinky little fucker!

A good safety valve to prevent a simple majority from being the dictator.

Which means the minority get to be. So, undemocratic.

something closer to an actual consensus

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, more like groupthink. You really haven't' thought this through, have you?

Makes no sense, but, whatever.

Tut tut. Thinks the constitution is just peachy. Always frothing about the Clintons. Thinks exploitative capitalism is just fine. Keeps the talking about how awful 97% of the politicans are, but never singles out anyone but democrats. Pull the other one, Trumpista.

Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 1, Offtopic) 238

IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2011 costs forced them to cut it to just low-income seniors.

No, there are no free rides. What you mean is, "Illinois decided to have taxpayers buy rides for certain people from 2008 to 2011" ... and ... "they couldn't get the taxpayers to pay even more, so they cut down the number of rides the taxpayers were buying to a more select group of those certain people."

Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 16

You put up shitty candidates, you should expect to lose and expect people not to show up at your party.

Funny, my shitty candidate just won the election and is still fairly popular (it's early days), so I literally do not know what any of this means.

I am laughing, at you

But you're so intense and cryptic! Do you wear plaid and stripes together too?

Stunning lack of evidence for his claim

TL;DR. Try again.

I have recommended giving the already known alternatives just one chance.

Tut tut. Don't play coy. It's one thing to pine for some generic 3rd party candidate, another to think either Stein or Johnson are worth a good god damn. You like to traffic in 'flawed candidate' analysis, just not where its a little closer to home, eh?

Citizens United was a perfectly fair ruling.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions that you are, in fact, a Republican!

You won't get away with blaming the money here.

In your private alternative universe? Sure. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, the conversation is a little more nuanced.


Because the requirements for amendment are so high: 67% of both HoC, or 75% of all States. Literally undemocratic, unless your definition of majority rule is sufficiently elastic.

The constitution is an operating manual.

Well, that's a slightly better euphemism than the last one, I suppose.

It is still perfectly serviceable to this day, and the procedure for modifying it is all spelled out very clearly, maybe too clearly for you.

Hehehe, spoken like a true conservative.

Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 16

Your reaction is the main act, which has already started.

Um. Okay. Nice deflection, I guess.

The lesson was lost.

I love how you think you have anything to teach, what with your bitterness, shitty conspiracy theories and a facility for the English language that would make Bill Dog blush.

There you go, again! Standing for the queen...

TIl that pointing the fact that your range of conversation is limited makes me a 'royalist'. Ooookay...

The tag team democrats are the main reason so many voters stay home

You have zero evidence for this claim.

why should they bother?

Unintended consequences, mainly, but humans aren't that bright, so there you go.

If I felt that way, I'd stay home too.

No need to restate this, you've made it plain for over a year that your fee-fees are the driving force behind your political decisions. You want to treat politics as a consumer choice, fine by me. It's when you start asserting, without evidence, than any other way than yours is both wrong and the sole reason why Everything Is Fucked that you get into trouble.

The democrats are shit and don't deserve a second look.

Again, that's fine as far as these things go, but that's all you have to say. No alternatives. No plan. Just kick the Dems in the stones, and then...what? You're going to get made fun of when your proselytizing is dumber than your average underpants gnome.

And you claim not to be the conspiracy theorist. Ha, ha.

TIL that Citizens United never happened. Good to know!

Saving face has been your goal ever since.

No, I admitted Hillary screwed me on one of my bets. Do pay attention.

And what's wrong with the constitution?

Well, it's undemocratic, for starters. And...

It's just a parliamentary manual

Oh fuck me, you're dumber than I thought.

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 278

a competitive advantage, and it fails when competing

Please describe this arena that code competes in and the rules of said competition. I don't recall any job I've done where we created more than one chunk of code to perform the same task and set them into competition.

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