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Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 34

Can you name any government program that involved a transfer of more power and private money to any private industry?

One more time, not what I'm arguing. What I said is that it can be two things.

Can you find the profound differences between the ACA and the Ryan proposal that just fell?

Sure, let me google that for you. But my favourite is the CBO report:

The Congressional Budget Office on Monday projected that the House leadershipâ(TM)s American Health Care Act would result in 24 million Americans losing their health insurance while raising premiums for those covered on the individual market. Their bill would lower federal deficits by $337 billion over 10 years, largely as a result of cuts to Medicaid that would reduce its enrollment by 14 million, according to the estimate. Average premiums would rise by as much as 20 percent in 2018 and 2019 before falling in later years.

Wow, exactly the same!

Just because the mandate is gone doesn't mean the industry will be making any less money, indeed it accelerates their ability to make money in several important ways.

Something else we're not arguing about...

24 million people are now buying health care on the market because the law says they have to.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You. Didn't. Even. Try.

I already laid out exactly why the ACA was the bill that the GOP wanted

Nope, you just made assertions without proof. If that's the standard you have for "laid out exactly", I'm gladdened you're not a schoolteacher.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 264

Right, why should men have to subsidize maternity care? Why should women have to subsidize prostate exams? hint: that's how insurance pools work.

So, the pool of people who are planning to have kids should pay for itself. There are millions of them. The pool of people who are biologically incapable of having kids are at zero risk of incurring that cost, and shouldn't pay for the risk of an occurrence that cannot happen. Women who cannot have children are not in the pool of women who will experience the cost giving birth. Are you foggy on that, somehow?

Sounds like you should have just gone with the "no coverage" option.

But you've just been explaining to me how affordable and reasonable and good it all is. Why the change of heart?

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 2) 264

We have a plan for two people. Our state approved, ACA-mandated plan has a deductible of $13,100 - just for two people. Add children to that, and you're quickly much higher. That is NOT catastrophic insurance (on paper, anyway) - it's the Obamacare law that requires (say, in our case) people in their 50's to pay for full maternity insurance, drug treatment and mental health coverage whether we need or want it. There is zero chance of us having a baby now or in the future. Why are we required to buy coverage for that? Because the Democrats decided to charge a tax, and that's how they disguised it.

Our rates have gone up over 50% per year every year since the ACA went into effect. Up 70% for 2017, and government says they expect next year (2018) to see another increase of close to 90% again. That's how they get around the "out of pocket" limits - by hugely increasing the monthly premiums, which are VERY MUCH out of pocket, but which don't get you a dime of actual health care. And no, "preventative care" is not covered. You get things like simple blood tests one a year (for which you pay part of the visit, and the lab costs), but of course no treatment of any kind - preventative or otherwise - is ever included in that. The ONLY thing that would be completely covered without requiring the deductible, is child birth. How's that for hilarious.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 2) 264

Nope instead your insurance premiums will continue to cover other people's bills. You know, since that's how all insurance works.

But that's not how Obamacare works, at least not for millions of middle-class people who are self employed or run small businesses and actually have to write a check every month. Their premiums have gone up hundreds of percent, and many no longer have the cash to go visit the doctor ... but because a small family might have a deductible of $20,000 ... they get no healthcare unless it's catastrophic, and they're still wiped out. For millions of people who WERE buying insurance and able to write a check to the doctor, they no longer can. The ACA is the Healthcare Prevention Act, but it certainly does work as the Democrats intended - a massive new tax that distributes middle class income to other people to buy votes.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1, Troll) 224

However often people of other races have a hard time acquiring the money to make it over the barrier, it is as impossible for them as for me to become a black lesbian woman.

Bullshit. You can just declare yourself as identifying as a black lesbian. In truth, minorities have an easier time acquiring funding than white candidates do.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 609

WTF?!? Russia is small!?!? It's the largest country in the world by far!

Sure, if you're looking at it from the childish perspective that acres of dirt (and snow) make up "a country." That's not what matters. Population, economic power, international trade, energy self-sufficiency, the ability to defend borders, and so on ... those are the things that make up a country, and contribute to how you measure whether or not one is large or small. Previously, the Russians made themselves (temporarily, in a short-lived illusion) "larger" by being willing to slaughter (or allow to die) untold millions of people and take over other countries as they built the creaky Soviet empire. They are now a "small" country in the scheme of things, which is why Putin is once again pushing into other territories.

Comment Re:You live in a big leftist city, right? (Score 1) 250

You have some kind of argument against someone requesting a delay? Happens all the time for many, many reasons. It's also not that big a hardship as turkey season is typically about a month or so. Hell, people request delays in trials for vacations. This is not abuse unless wives are refused delays on request.

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