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Comment god/jesus/man = all information (Score -1, Flamebait) 90

John 1 1 from the King James Bible says that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” So if the word was god, then it stands to reason that god was --and is-- the word--god is the word of god, which is contained in the bible...the bible contains the word of god, and so therefore the bible contains god, and so as long as the bible is in existence, or as long as a human brain contains the word of god, God lives. Word is writing, and as writing, then god is information, because writing is information. And so God dies when the information that is him is destroyed beyond maintain the word of god inside you. Guard the word inside you. Store it in your brain with the rest of your memories. Your memories of the word of god inside you is god inside of you. Keep the word of god inside you always, and it will give you eternal life as long as it exists inside you. God lives through you. God sees through you. As long as god lives in you, meaning the word is stored inside your brain, then the memories and other information that make you YOU are also there as well. And so you will live by preservation of YOUR information, just as god lives through preservation of HIS information. God made man in HIS image. God is information. Therefore WE are also information. Preserve your information in your brain for all time. The only way to preserve your soul and the word of god inside you is cryonics. See more at the better resurrection church blog... https://betterresurrectionchur...

Comment corporate media sez: you get plenty of sleep! (Score 1) 315

how shocking that the corporate media (which is funded by ads bought by big corporations that buy labor from us) is now telling us that we get PLENTY of sleep. What a shocker. And this happens after a bunch of evidence is showing us that mankind in earlier times got lots more sleep. And of course I will be the only person in the world to point this out.

Comment the white rural majority may like sanders (Score 5, Interesting) 211

to the surprise of the media & the establishment, I suspect that if sanders gets the Dem nomination, he will find many followers in the rural and suburban white majority that is usually not democrat. Sanders does not like the open borders policies that some democrats advocate; he said open borders is how the plutocrats drive down wages... Sanders is not all that friendly towards gun control. Sanders is an old time leftist...maybe what we need....I hope it is sanders vs trump in the general election

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