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Comment Re:Give the guy (Score 1) 488

I wouldn't be so sure. Trump has been considering what he would do in the white house for a very long and now he is there for real. He is surrounding himself with some very seasoned and capable professionals who have little fear of saying "No" to pretty much anyone. These are not a bunch of 30-something Ivy League grads and think tank wonks. Donald himself is a tireless worker and doesn't seem to have much interest in either golf or surrounding himself with mindless or conniving sycophants. Much remains to be seen.

Comment Nauseating (Score 1) 240

Nauseating that such a thing would even be considered by a crowd that once prided itself on both doing and thinking for yourself. Who fact-checks the facts, for fsck's sake?

Almost every IT person I know, when queried in private or in groups sympathetic to their political views, would happily 'fix' voting software if given the opportunity.

I don't trust ANY of these bastards farther than I can throw them. Nor any of YOU for that sake!

Comment Re:Why is there Apple? (Score 1) 287

Time is money and Apple saves me time. I would rather spend money at this point then time figuring out how to do something in Linux or removing malware from Windows. I loved learning and hacking Linux in the past when I was single and had plenty of empty hours where I could do as I pleased, but nowadays not so much. With OSX I get a stable and consistent desktop experience, tons of software compatibility without a goose chase of broken dependencies AND a UNIX command line that is integral to the system and not just tacked on as an afterthought.

Comment Amazing (Score 1) 125

Amazing how nicely this theory dovetails with the whole Global Warming Armageddon / Endless Folly Of Mankind narrative. Apparently the Venusians didn't embrace global Marxism quickly enough and the rest of us can now bear witness to the results of their woefully greedy and misguided Capitalist ways.

Comment Accelerator failsafe? (Score 3, Interesting) 596

Probably won't get noticed 150+ comments deep, but...

Perhaps the default configuration for the pedals should be a failsafe mode where the car is always "under control". When you slam the brake, you trend toward 0 MPH. If you slam on the gas, maybe the pedal interprets 100% as 0%, and applies no throttle. If you're accelerating, you should always have control of the accelerator. Flooring it isn't going to give you much more than 95% throttle would, and you could have a tactile bump at the end of the accelerator play that is easy sensed when you feather your foot, but also easily bypassed if you slam the pedal.

Basically, allow people to still gun it, just not outright "drag racing", and prevent unintended acceleration.

Comment Re:Global Entry and TSA PreCheck = Soft-Corruption (Score 4, Interesting) 382

That's an interesting data point. My interview(s!) were actually much more detailed and involved. I think I spent about 20 minutes with the agent in Canada, not to mention around 40 minutes combined with both US and Canadian border personnel doing a more cursory interview and an explanation about how the system worked from a functional standpoint (IE - How to use Nexus when I cross in a boat, with multiple travelers, etc). The main interview in Canada was largely focused on making sure I wasn't violating business visa limitations but I'm sure a 10+ minute interview is probably enough to also identify the presence of someone being disingenuous about the purpose of the program enrollment.

Might be the difference between strictly Global Entry and NEXUS (which includes Global Entry by default).

Comment For uninformed, article title is disingenuous (Score 4, Interesting) 74

The AC cable for the Surface Pro series is two pieces like most laptop cables. There's a simple AC cable without ground that goes from the wall to the transformer block, and then the transformer has a fixed DC wire that goes to the tablet itself.

This recall *only* affected the AC cable, and that cable was already pretty short (like two feet tops). The bulk of the cable length comes from the DC cable itself, and that did not shorten (because it wasn't replaced). Don't get me wrong, the DC cable has issues and needs a reinforced boot, but we're talking of a total cable length loss of maybe six inches.

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