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Comment Re:Size and speed (Score 1) 263

Well, given what I read about Nokia releasing this bundle as a platform and the fact that PySide and PyQT are API compatible, I can imagine someone coding necessary features against PySide and then just decide whether a switch to a lighter version (i.e. PyQt) warrants the 400 EUR investement.

All in all, it's a smart move. You code in a standard environment and if your deployment gets too large, you can just drop in a cheap and qualitative replacement. The end result is the same: faster and more applications on a Nokia platform. This may even be a good thing for PyQT.

Comment Re:Benefit of being in S&P 500 (Score 2, Insightful) 128

Well, my theory is a bit rusty, but wouldn't this add some liquidity for the Redhat stock?

Might as well decrease as well if passively managed funds want to keep on to the shares, but going by gut feeling, I would think it's a good thing regardless. If anything, the share should be more correctly priced in the long run;

Depending on your definition of correct pricing of course.


Submission + - DreamWorks picks up Neil Gainmans' "Interworld

Lisandro writes: " reports that best-selling author Neil Gaiman has announced that DreamWorks Animation has optioned the film rights for his upcoming novel, "Interworld". Gaiman said that in 1996 he began working with Michael Reaves on the idea for a story 'about a boy who finds himself in the middle of a war between two equally powerful forces, who joins a super-team consisting of versions of himself from different alternate realities to try and maintain the cosmic balance.' Soon after, the idea was pitched to DreamWorks and other studios, but was turned down."

Submission + - Estonia under DDOS attack

bananaendian writes: "According to F-Secure Security Labs the government websites of Estonia are still under relentless DDOS attack by unknown sources. The attacks have continued since Saturday and seem to originate from botnets all over the world. Estonian authorities have responded by replacing essential sites with text-only versions and by restricting traffic from abroad. Estonia has seen riots and pressure from Russian nationalists since the relocation of a disputed World War Two Red Army monument. A visiting Russian government delegation has demanded the resignation of Estonian parliament and PM. Since Putin stepped into power, Russian defence strategy has focussed on Asymmetric Warfare and placed a large budget for Electronic and Information Warfare."

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