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Comment It doesn't get much geekier (Score 1) 1146

Asking for marriage advice on Slashdot... it doesn't get much geekier than that! Congratulations, you've brightened my day! Oh, my $0.02: ask people who have seen many marriages up close, but always from outside: find a priest. A good one. There are plenty.

Comment Paper is good enough (Score 1) 313

We know quite well how paper and ink age through the years.
We know quite well how to preserve paper for a long time.
We know how to efficiently encode digital information onto paper, using bidimensional barcodes.
We know that paper tolerates a big amount of damage without losing the information encoded on it.
We have ample experience recovering information from damaged -even charred- paper.
We know paper requires no energy to maintain the information stored on it.

If we combine these factors, it's not hard to conceive a long-term storage facility for digital data (could be encrypted - they're just dots on paper).

For data retrieval scan the pages, decode the dots, decrypt the bytes.

If we grow plants to make paper for backup, the plants wil sequester CO2 while growing to a profitable size.

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