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Comment Re:non-news is non-news (Score 1) 159

That said, 128GB should only be 4 times faster than 32GB, so if these figures are correct then the 32GB units are also using lower spec memory.

The 8x speed increase is for the 256GB model vs the 32GB model -- 8 times the storage.. 8 times the speed.

The confirmation of the hypothesis would come when someone posts the same benchmark for a 128GB model.

Comment Re:Normalization (Score 1) 292

Yes.. and I actually pointed that out in my post -- that you can actually get more time on one or two of the three android phones (but not by much according to ars' numbers)

The whole reason I brought up the normalization was the point out that given their battery *capacity* the Android devices actually have relatively terrible battery *life*. They've had to cram a 1.5 times larger battery in order to get 1.07 times better battery life.

They should be performing better.. but they aren't. I found that curious which is was the point of my post.

Comment Re:Variance from Ars Technica's Wifi testing (Score 1) 292

Even then, the 7 was 2nd of the 4, and in the WebGL it ranked 3 of of the 4

But when you normalize for battery size it comes out on top...

The other 3 phones should be *far* ahead of the iPhone 7, given that they have around 1.5 times the battery capacity.. but the most they got as far as actual battery life was 1.28 times in Which's test and around 1.07 times in Ars' tests.

The 3G calling time seems to be the anomaly.

So while you can use one of the other 3 phones for somewhere between 7% and 28% more time on everything but 3G calling, they're actually underperforming given their specs. Dunno if that's OS or hardware optimization going on.. but there you have it.

Comment Variance from Ars Technica's Wifi testing (Score 4, Informative) 292

This is a *huge* variance from Ars Technica's wifi battery testing:

They found that the iPhone 7 lasted much longer in both of their web browsing tests than the HTC 10 and lasted only a bit less than the S7 and G5.

Even on Which's 3G (why only 3G ?) web browsing testing, phones with 1.5 times the battery don't get anywhere near that much extra life.

It's pretty hard to judge without more samples and more info on the testing methods but, taking these tests at face value:

a) iOS 10 seems *horribly* optimized for 3G phone calling
b) Android (along with whatever extra stuff is on the three Android phones) seems terribly optimized at the other stuff. They have *much* larger batteries but don't manage anywhere near commensurate battery life with Wifi or 3G web browsing tests.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 377

They don't particularly care for the latest thing. They've got, say a 4 or 5 year old phone and just want a newer phone without having to deal with updating their plan. When you buy on a new contract you have to deal with whatever they have on offer as opposed to the plan they've already got.

It's just simpler. Also I have family in both the states and canada so I buy phones unlocked directly from Apple and things can be passed around across borders easily (the person I gave a phone to will in turn give their phone to someone who needs one).

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 377

As I said to someone earlier.. there's nothing dangling from anywhere. It's just sitting in my pocket charging until I need it. And since I don't have to wait for the battery to run flat in order to charge it (like you do with swapping batteries) I can just unplug the charger if I need to use it and then plug it back in when it goes back in my pocket.

Why in god's name would an engineer think that the best way to use an external battery pack is to have it dangling off the end of the cable like a plumb bob?

As I said before.. there is absolutely nothing better about opening up your phone in order to get more juice. Everything about a spare, external battery pack is just plain old superior.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 377

So with all of the options (external charger, battery case) that are *far* superior to replacing the battery.. what's the point of having the replaceable battery? It's just extra complication for no purpose.

A wind up crank on the side of the phone isn't much worse a solution that opening it up and swapping batteries.

As for dead batteries.. in 20 years of owning a variety of cellphones (from old chocolate bar style, to flip phones to sliders, to blackberries to iPhones) I have never once needed to replace a battery that was no longer carrying a charge. Sure it happens.. But I'd rather have something that's better for every day use than planning for the once in a blue moon case of my battery going flat.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 377

In what universe is looking good and working mutually exclusive? What's more.. elegant in this case isn't about how it looks.. it's about having the simplest solution that is, in fact, better than the options. You do know that there are multiple definitions of elegant.. right?

I replace my phones probably every 2 to 2.5 years. Usually I'm not ready to give up my phone but I have a relative who has a very old phone that needs something better than what they've got.

Every phone I've replaced in the last 8 years I would have kept for another couple years but has gone to someone else who just wanted something a bit better.

As for utility.. I use my phone every day for work. I get a huge amount of utility out of it. Very weird for you to assume I don't.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 377

A) personal vehicles are generally very far away from where you're working. And crew transport vehicles drop you off and leave you there. They're not always close by either.

B) I don't have to do anything of the sort. I reach into my pocket... pull out the plug and take out my phone. Then when I'm done I put the phone back in my pocket, grab the plug and plug it in -- an advantage of the lightning plug in my phone.. I don't have to look at it to figure out how to plug it in.

It's far more elegant and useful to have an external battery pack to keep your phone battery topped up than it is to wait for your battery to drain completely, turn it off, open it up and swap batteries

An internal battery is only good for one charge before it needs to be recharged. My battery pack can charge my phone (and/or others' phones) multiple times before I need to charge it.

And every time you get a different phone you need to buy extra batteries.. I've had the same external charger for 5 years. You also need to have a charging base to charge both your phone and the external battery at the same time. I just need another cable.

There's nothing elegant or better about swapping a battery just to get more battery life.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 377

A) come to a film set some time.. you don't have many options and can't just walk away whenever you feel like it. I've been standing out in the desert for 4 or 5 hours at a time and then it starts raining and "clean and dry" is a leaking popup tent. Even the porta potty is a 10 minute ride away.

B) nothing's dangling from anywhere. It's just sitting in my pocket charging. Since it's not major surgery to charge up my phone I don't let it get so low that I can't unplug it when I need to use it for a few minutes.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 377

The idea of opening your phone to the elements just to get more battery power seems insane to me.

I work on messy, dusty, wet, and generally gross film sets. I watched a guy try to open his phone and replace his battery in the middle of december in well below freezing temperatures on a hectic set. He dropped the battery cover in the slush at his feet and generally made a hash of it.

But even if he hadn't been an infomercial-level klutz.. it would be crazy to me to need to turn off and open my phone in order to get more juice.

Me? I just plugged in my external battery pack (which at the time could charge my phone 4 times from empty) and popped my phone back in my pocket.

There are definitely far more elegant solutions out there than replaceable batteries.

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