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Comment Re:And you can't remove the battery to restart (Score 1) 53

I don't follow. on any iPhone if you hold the sleep/power button along with the home (or volume down for iPhone 7).. your phone will shut down -- no matter what it's doing or if it's crashed.

No need to do anything fancy or open anything up and hope that someone doesn't knock the battery out of your hand.

Comment Re:And you can't remove the battery to restart (Score 1) 53

Personally I don't think that less than 5 seconds from holding down the two buttons to the phone starting its shutdown sequence is quite a long time.

Also.. if you can't go 5 seconds without someone bumping you so hard that you can't keep your fingers on two buttons then I shudder to think what's going to happen to the cover and battery when you are bumped.

Comment Re:WTF is a "5K" display? (Score 4, Informative) 170

Apple has been selling machines with 5K displays for over two years now. Not sure how long LG and Dell (and others) have been selling 5K displays.. but this is definitely not an apple-only thing.

Anyway.. they're great if you want to be able to do things like edit 4K video at full resolution and still have room left over for your editing software GUI.

Comment Re:non-news is non-news (Score 1) 159

That said, 128GB should only be 4 times faster than 32GB, so if these figures are correct then the 32GB units are also using lower spec memory.

The 8x speed increase is for the 256GB model vs the 32GB model -- 8 times the storage.. 8 times the speed.

The confirmation of the hypothesis would come when someone posts the same benchmark for a 128GB model.

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