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Comment Re:Reliability, reliability, reliability. Left han (Score 2) 1013

As sad as children being killed with a gun is, it was just over 1% of accidental deaths in 2009. It would be a much better idea to work to lower the main causes of accidental death, just as: automobiles (41%), suffocation (21%), and drowning (15%). Lessen one of those and you will save many more lives. Nobody will ever notice however, because those types of deaths don't mean big news ratings and newspaper sales.

28 Deaths is a tragedy, 28,000 is a statistic.

When humans get all emotional, all reason goes out the window. That's why with the past shootings there hasn't been much action to restrict guns. Quite the opposite. It has been proven that as more people are trained in, and carry weapons, violent crime goes down. Murders may stay the same, because you can't stop someone who is determined to die, but many muggings, robberies, and rapes get stopped and are never reported to the police.

Comment Re:Reliability, reliability, reliability. Left han (Score 3, Informative) 1013

I hope you realize there is no such thing as non lethal weapons. The technical term is "Less than Lethal" because they can still kill or seriously injure. The military uses basically a hard core paintball gun in detention camps. It does serious damage if you shoot it in the wrong area. Ever get a frozen paintball in your eye? Tazers kill too, especially if the person has some sort of electrical implant. just google around. The argument you didn't mean to kill the person with a tazer wouldn't hold, just try explaining it to the family. It's the same as if you stabbed or shot or made someone beed somehow and they bled to death. "Well, I didn't mean to kill them I only sliced him up with my kitchen knife."

Comment Re:Guns are not unsafe... (Score 1) 1013

Guns aren't responsible for violence anymore than cakes are responsible for fat people.

I see this so often and I think it is inherently false. Case in point: Guns are designed to kill. Cakes (or cars, or ....) are not.

And yet cars kill many thousands more people every year than guns. Where is your login in this? In the last 4 years there have been 32,000 to 40,000 deaths from cars every year.

28 deaths is a tragedy, 38,000 is a statistic.

Comment Re:PLCAA (Score 2) 1013

The intended use of a gun is to make chunks of metal go very fast. Very similar to a car. Except cars are much larger and hollow, so people can climb in. Why aren't you screaming for car manufactures to be sued as accessories to murder? They could incorporate some extremely intrusive technology to make sure you don't go too fast, like >5mph, or to make sure you have 0 detectable alcohol in your breath *every* single time you move the shifter from park or get out of the seat. Why don't people want that? Cars kill tens of thousands of people every year. Alcohol too! Lets bring back probation! That causes society so many problems it must be liquid evil. Right? What do you mean I'm being crazy?

I have shot somewhere between 20,000-50,000 bullets since age 7. Not once have I hurt someone, nor has anyone gotten hurt around me. How many times have you gotten into a car and nobody or nothing has gotten hurt?

Remember. 28 dead is a tragedy. 28,000 is a statistic.

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