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Comment Re:Good Job (Score 1) 155

Now proper open source because it can be shipped to users as closed-source? That must be great, in your mind. A lot of developers might not want their code to end being a closed source product for the users by looking at the number of LibreOffice developers. And me, as a user, I don't want that a closed-source OpenOffice fork with propietary extensions ends killing the original open source effort by becoming the new standard suite ala MS Office. That reason alone is enough for giving all our support to LibreOffice.

Comment NVidia vs. AMD, Intel behind? (Score 1) 420

AMD making GPUs and now NVidia making CPUs, maybe they plan on designing highly coupled CPU/GPU systems for better efficiency and also trying to shake both markets for more impact.

Intel has been doing GPUs for a long time, but they've done it like they do motherboard chipsets, with low interest on competing in the high-end.

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