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Comment Re:First world problems. (Score 5, Insightful) 610

Having "auto download" turned on has been perfectly fine for non idiots who've managed their library themselves until this unexpected meddling by someone else. Now, of course, the non idiots will have to turn what they might have felt was a useful feature off since we've learnt that Apple will be using it as a promotional tool.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 627

In how many real world programming situations rather than college test situations would you be required to write your code down on paper rather than be able to use some sort of IDE? I'm sure you felt great about the test but generally being used to start typing the statement and letting IntelliSense give you a list and filling in the blanks in is not a problem and a more productive way of doing things than the non lazy way.

Comment Re:Making users happy. (Score 1) 473

I was once asked to move a checkbox from the bottom to the top of a panel so that the user wouldn't have to tab through all the other textfields and things in the panel to get focus to the checkbox. I was then asked to change the focus traversal so that tabbing through the panel skipped the checkbox (yes, really) so they wouldn't have to tab past it every time they wanted focus on the first textfield. These requests came from the same user.

Comment Re:LPMUD! (Score 1) 226

That's how I learnt. I was also lucky enough to have an admin on the mud that made sure the wizards she was in charge of understood the importance of writing good code and not just nice descriptions for players. It made me interested enough to switch major and when it was time to do the OO stuff in school I'd already groked it. Basically I have Lars Pensjà to thank for my career.

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