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Comment Re:Where is our 350GHz room temp CPU? (Score 1) 89

Just some back of the envelope calculation but at light speed at 1THZ a signal could travel 3000000/1000000000000 = .0003 meters and i5 processors are about 17x17 mm so a signal could only get about 20% of the way across the chip on that clock at light speed, I don't know how much slower than light speed they actually move though...

Comment Re:Where is our 350GHz room temp CPU? (Score 1) 89

I think the problem is the higher the clock the less time the signals have to get to other parts of the chip, so the number of transistors you can have in lockstep gets smaller and smaller for a given size of transistor... so even if everything was switching at 1 thz most of the time they'd be waiting for signals to reach them from other parts of the chip...

Comment Re:Safety Hazard... (Score 1) 67

The stuff they are probably using for this is the 3m engineered fluids that have a really high vapor pressure so the mess should just evaporate, and it's really low viscosity so the heat moves away from the parts by convection so no need for pumps, the heat exchanger is put above the fluid where it recondenses and falls back into the bath...

Comment Re:Negative mass- not antimatter, but odd (Score 1) 214

The inertial and gravitational mass have to be the same for conservation of energy. Consider the thought experiment where you have two metal spheres isolated in space apart from one another each with zero velocity. Their gravitational mass accelerates them together for a collision (let's say perfectly elastic), they rebound in the opposite direction and their inertial mass keeps them going against the gravitational pull between them until they are apart again with zero velocity by the same distance , at which point the whole process repeats.

Comment Re:Sigh... And on the general computing side... (Score 1) 133

That's the chip I have too, and upgrading to an SSD was a huge leap. Another thing was upgrading the graphics card from a radeon 3850 to a 6850, now it runs all the new games like Bioshock Infinite on high settings. If I upgrade anytime in the near future it will probably be because the new chipsets can pay for themselves on power savings, I haven't done those calculations yet.

Submission + - Newly invented material from something we all throw away

benthurston27 writes: It's strong, tough, about as hard as wood, insulative, soundproof, so light it floats halfway out of water, and it's made primarily from something people throw away everyday and inexpensive glue. Also it is easy and safe to make... I haven't named it officially yet but post a comment on my blog if you think of something good to call it. More details...

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