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Comment Re:Shipping? (Score 1) 571

craigslist isn't all that shady; also, if you have the wrong impression and I think it will be fun to leave you with it; I will likely encourage your fantasy.

CL is usually fine except for the times that the people selling the item didn't actually acquire them legally.
I went to the sellers place to buy an expensive projector, bought the projector at the agreed on price (and it worked) and then I realized afterwards that there was NO furniture in the apartment and it looked like he had just arrived there right before me.

I didn't get ripped off but the ethics of the situation did bother me afterwards....

Comment Re:US Legal system (Score 1) 571

That is how Scientology works.
"The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than win.

That is correct. In other cases (Donald Trump), the aggressive party just threatens to sue and hopes that will shut-up his critics or make the other party back down.

Never a dull moment in the US courtrooms....

I can't figure out why the defendant doesn't counter sue the plaintiff for harassment and emotional distress.
I imagine that he could easily get triple damages... however, collecting from such a person would be difficult.

Comment Re:These are not the robots you are looking for (Score 1) 26

I volunteered at the FRC at SJSU and the best team there had an auto aim and fire system for shooting into the top targets. Their bot almost always got the ball in.

I was really impressed with the teams there and the kids competitiveness and drive. All of them wanted to win and had put in a huge amount of time and effort into their robots.

It was a pretty awesome event and volunteering was a blast.

Comment Re:I understand the consternation (Score 1) 665

Here ya go, just use this simple windows OS update blocker, no need to even install, just run it, and you too will never see Windows OS upgrade infections again...oh and you're welcome, old Hairy is glad to help ;-)

I would never install an OS update blocker.

I enjoy killing GWX.exe as the first thing I do after logging into my Windows 7 machine way too much

Along with Adobe Creative Cloud.

It gets my juices going in the morning

Comment Re:Diesel are more eco-friendly than gasoline (Score 1) 420

Weirdly yes. From

NOx emissions also causes global cooling through the formation of OH groups that destroy methane molecules, countering the effect of greenhouse gases. The effect can be significant. For instance, according to the OECD "the large NOx emissions from ship traffic lead to significant increases in hydroxyl (OH), which is the major oxidant in the lower atmosphere. Since reaction with OH is a major way of removing methane from the atmosphere, ship emissions decrease methane concentrations. (Reductions in methane lifetimes due to shipping-based NOx emissions vary between 1.5% and 5% in different calculations)." "In summary, most studies so far indicate that ship emissions actually lead to a net global cooling. This net global cooling effect is not being experienced in other transport sectors. However, it should be stressed that the uncertainties with this conclusion are large, in particular for indirect effects, and global temperature is only a first measure of the extent of climate change in any event."

So by emitting NOx, the cars were actually acting to reduce methane which is a lot worse of a greenhouse gas then CO2.
Weird, right?

Comment Here's some ideas: (Score 1) 842

1) Buy a lot of rainforst and set aside a trust to protect it in perpetuity.
2) Pay off the college debt of some struggling entry level workers
3) Fund schools
4) fund food banks
5) Support the politician of your choice - maybe he/she really will make a difference
6) Give all of your money to charity and go find a real job - you will be happier and you'll definitely get laid by a chick who digs you

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