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Submission + - ISIS using Bitcoin to get around kafir security (haaretz.com)

bennyp writes: Haaretz is reporting on leaked communication from a pair of IS operatives in America. In the memo, they advise supporters of the Islamic State to transfer funds to the mujahideen via "dark wallets". From the article: âoe[Bitcoin] allows our brothers stuck outside of the ardh Dawlatul-Islam [Islamic State] to avoid government taxes along with secretly fund [sic] the Mujahideen with no legal danger upon them,â

Comment slaughtering Jews of course (Score 1) 256

Ahhhh New Years, aka Sylvester day, celebrating that great Christian sa.int who earned his beatification from the Church by slaughtering Jews. Since the Middle Ages, this day was observed with pogroms, rape and destruction of Jewry all across Europe. A fitting tribute from the Useless Nations. Peace in 2013 indeed.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 0) 486

No civilians in Gaza. They elected Hamas, and supported them all these years. When those pigs blew up the latest bus in Tel Aviv, they were dancing in the streets. Did you know that mothers and grandmothers were cheering and passing out sweets on September 11 2001 when the news broke that Al Qaeda had successfully attacked the states? Any attempt to equate the Arabs with the Jews in Israel is either misguided or evil and usually both.

Comment Re:Israel has nuclear weapons. (Score 1) 569

What a load. After the Gaza Arabs chose Hamas in 2006, They went on a rampage: kneecapping, torturing, and publicly executing their own people. Fatahniks, in the streets of Gaza (ask Amnesty, I'm sure you haven't read the reports). The secular Arabs fled to Jenin, Hebron, Qaliliya and the rest where they immediately continued sucking the blood of their people to finance their palaces and shopping sprees.

Unless Israel crushes them decisively, Hamas will win (at least in the short term) because they believe that what they are doing is commanded by Allah. Liberals are incapable of understanding this because the god they believe in doesn't really matter to them anyways, and they are so racist and closed-minded that they can't imagine anyone else disagreeing with their rosy liberal world view. Hamas are not like that. They don't care. When they are finished with the Jews, they will come to your neighbourhood to vivisect all your homosexual liberal friends and neighbours. They will drag the mutilated carcasses of secular liberal academics through the streets, firing rifles and shouting Allahu Akhbar. They have stated their intention to do this on almost a daily basis. If you don't believe that they intend to do it, you are at best ignorant, and more likely a racist throwback to the White Man's Burden.

If you learn from history you will see this is always the case: going against the Jews guarantees you popular support, until at the very last moment God crushes you in a series of miraculously improbable political/military/economic/social turnabouts. The Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Holy Roman Empire, the Early Caliphates, the Crusaders, The Inquisitors, The Czars, the Nazis, and the USSR (to name but a few) all tried, all failed, and are all now dead and gone. The Jews meanwhile are going strong and getting stronger by the day. Now Hamas and Iran are giving it their best shot. They too will eventually be destroyed, but at what cost, and what are you personally going to do about it? Choose your side wisely.

Comment Re: 11 years ago (Score 1) 560

indiscriminate? you can see reams of target video on the IDFSpokesperson youtube channel showing precision strikes against weapon caches and missile emplacements. HAMAS are the ones placing their neighbours in the line of fire, and it's the PALESTINIANS THEMSELVES who invited them to do it. You are right that Jews must take the moral high ground (like you said, they taught morality to the world) which is exactly why they HAVE been doing. 2006: Ethiopia invades Somalia 2008: Russia invades Georgia 2011: Kenya invades Somalia Where were the liberals? They were mum. 2012: Israel dismantles Hamas murder industry? Liberals cry havok. As for Jewish credibility in the eyes of the gentiles? Take your pick of over 75 pogroms, expulsions, and massacres since 1C.E. The Jews owe the gentiles precisely dick as regards credibility. Just the opposite.

Comment Re: 11 years ago (Score 1) 560

Not to take away from the suffering of the Arabs, but they are the ones who elected Ham as. They chose to continue their pointless and racist assault on the Jews target than develop their own civilization. Blaming Israel (who supplies them with money electricity and water) for poor conditions on Gaza is wrong-headed.

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