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Comment Re:like anything else.. (Score 4, Insightful) 580

I found the exact opposite to be true. I put forth minimal effort in high school (rarely studied, frequently daydreamed during classes, ignored lots of homework assignments) and graduated with honors. I tried to do the same thing when I started college and I was on academic probation after the first quarter. I learned then that I was actually going to have to put forth a reasonable amount of effort if I wanted to graduate.

Comment Re:CORRECTION (Score 1) 414

nonsense, human population growth will peak in 60 years

There's no way of knowing that for sure, but let's assume it's true for the sake of argument. You're presupposing that a decline in population growth will naturally result in a decrease in demand for natural resources, but that is not necessarily the case. As developing nations continue to develop, there will be an increased demand for natural resources even if the population of those nations remains stable.

you must think pregnant women will be one mile in diameter after two years

straw man

Comment Re:CORRECTION (Score 5, Insightful) 414

It's extremely small minded/short sighted of the worlds most famous physicist, to assume the current system will keep chugging along, with business as usual, for a THOUSAND more years. He should do a little historical research...

You're right. Given the historical precedent, I'd say mankind will probably find faster, more efficient ways to deplete the planet of its resources in well under a thousand years.

Comment Re:Teething Problems (Score 1) 211

I was unable to verify my account and I get this when trying to re-register using the same e-mail address: "This e-mail address has already registered an account with Mega."

Scratch that. Even though attempting to verify the account gave an error saying that my password was incorrect, apparently it worked but took overnight to finish. I was unable to log in last night (could not find account), but this morning it works normally. This is stupid, but at least it works, I guess.

Comment Re:Yay. (Score 4, Informative) 277

I haven't yet found a program which stopped working with newer java.

Up until last month, we still had to install Java 1.5 on some users' computers because their jobs required them to use a web application that would not work on Java 1.6 or newer. We neither develop nor host the application, so all we could do was keep installing the horribly outdated version of Java and wait for the application to be upgraded to work with Java 1.6.

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