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Comment Create a merit-based scholarship (Score 1) 263

I would create a merit based scholarship for a local high school senior or a local university for a student or student entering a STEM or even a CS program.

Why merit based? The geek culture is one of self-starters and self-motivation. You want to target someone who has worked hard and whose grades are important to them. So many scholarships are need-based, and having personally had my first child enter college and searching for scholarships, I can personally attest that the quantity of need-based far exceed merit based.

The other benefit is your organization gets the publicity of having a scholarship named after them.

Comment Re:Stop Working for Content Mills (Good Luck...) (Score 1) 569

I think you're absolutely wrong. I've increased my use of the word "niggardly"because I refuse to succumb to the ignorant and ill-informed masses who lack an adequate vocabulary and may be offended, There are also those who would like us to watch our thoughts and actions so we can be "politically correct". Don't be niggardly when expressing your freedom of speech.

Girl Claims Price Scanner Gave Her Tourette's Syndrome 558

Attorneys for Dominica Juliano claim that she was burned and developed psychological problems after a store clerk aimed a hand-held price scanner at her face. Store attorneys say their scanners uses a harmless LED light and that the girl had serious health problems before she was scanned. From the article: "Dominica Juliano was 12 when she and her grandmother entered the Country Fair store in Erie in June 2004. A clerk allegedly called the girl 'grumpy' before flashing his hand-held bar code scanner over her face and telling her to smile. Attorneys for Ms. Juliano and her guardian say the girl was sensitive to light and burned, and later developed post-traumatic stress and Tourette's syndrome."

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