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Comment Re:Cloud Based Backup (Score 1) 366

+1 to this. You can also back up to a "friend" (where "friend" = someone else with CrashPlan who is prepared to let you store some encrypted files, possibly in exchange for you storing some of their files). If said "friend" lives close, sneakernet around a copy of your current CrashPlan backup, and just import it to jump-start the remote copy.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 2) 260

$10,000? Assuming you get caught (see quote about limited resources to police zoning violations) that's still not a lot of a deterrent.

There is a lot of money involved here. Consider that as a property investor you can get triple the return if you let your apartments through Airbnb.

The other impact is that this drives up rents across the city for "normal" people.

Submission + - Google Exits Search, Email

Applehu Akbar writes: Early-morning Internet users today discovered that overnight a significant change had taken place in the way they are going to be accessing the Internet in the future. In search bars and Web browsers across America and around the world, Google was no longer functioning. Any search brought up nothing but a terse announcement page from Larry Page, Google CEO, that the Internet titan had "exited the advertiser-paid search and email product lines to concentrate on other business.” Even for a company known for its fast-changing product lineup, users deemed this a radical announcement.

Although industry analysts are by now accustomed to Google’s sudden decisions to drop products that were still in the process of finding an audience, many were perplexed at the decision to exit an arena where for years Google has been the iconic player. But this morning, as users fumble with Bing and Yahoo as replacement search engines, a strategy is becoming apparent to Internet insiders.

As one Wall Street analyst who refused to be named put it, “Now that through its search and email operations Google knows basically everything about everybody, its corporate database of user data has become the most valuable part of the company. Although up to now Google has been monetizing this data by selling a slow and constant drip of it to advertisers, the way is now clear for Google to squeeze its database into diamonds by filing for patents on every idea that can be gleaned from it. Google will become the greatest patent holding company in the world.'

A Silicon Valley blogger who covers social media offered an example. “Do you remember that time six months ago when you had a great idea for an improved plumbing leak detector and wondered if it had been done before? What you didn’t realize at the time is that that set of Google searches you did one Thursday midnight gave away your approach. You may never get around to filing for a patent on that idea, but Google will."

Submission + - New multi-core Raspberry Pi board launches. (

MicroHex writes: Coming in at the same $35 price-point that has come to be expected from the Raspberry Pi, it looks like the new Model 2 will be packing a quad-core ARM processor with a GB of RAM. I'm sure there will be more info available on Monday.

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