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Comment Re:You mean... (Score 1) 420

when they are being forced to modify their behaviour (like not running as admin, not putting files in silly places)

In my smidgen of a defense, It was extracting a proprietary toolkit for working with a certain type of limited circuit board. Due to the brilliance of its coding, the program won't load if the filepath has any spaces (i.e. c:/Program Files/).

It also has a few amusing hiccups if it is not installed in the recommended directory, which has a parent of the C: drive.

So while I agree with with you, on stupid users going crazy when Microsoft limits their stupid behaviors, and I would like to see more of an Administration/User level of separation as that seen in Unix variants. But, I sir am not an Idiot!

Comment Re:You mean... (Score 2, Informative) 420

something or other needed admin privs, and it was dying silently.

I had problems with Vista and WinRAR similar to this.

Whenever I unzipped a rar file into the C: Directory; it would have permission to create the folder structure of the rar file, but not the files therein. Instead of notifying me of this, it would fail silently after half an hour of decompressing (big files).

Personally I don't know which piece of software was to blame.

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