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Submission + - Wozniak's secret history of Apple

destinyland writes: "Steve Wozniak shares his life story, debunking the started-in-my-garage myth and remembering his idolization of phone phreaker Captain Crunch. His father couldn't discuss his top secret work on the Polaris missile, but he taught him to love and understand technology, and today the passion gives him "a kind of innocence there you don't see often among billionaires." And while telling the stories to his biographer, he also kept playing practical jokes on her."

Submission + - What code DOESN'T do in real life vs. movies.

Ant writes: "This Drivl post shows Matt Inman crapping on a bunch of ridiculous ideas about programming and code that Hollywood can't seem to stay away from. He felt obligated to dispel some of the notions about programming that these movies endorse... This also fits for television/TV shows as well. Seen on Digg."

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