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Comment No shit, this is the JOB of the NSA (Score 4, Insightful) 241

This part of the Snowden leaks is the part I have a problem with. This is EXACTLY what the NSA is supposed to be doing. Making this part public record does do damage to the US and is part of being a traitor. I have zero problems with Snowden leaking information about the NSA spying on Americans, not because it effects me, but because it's a violation of the Constitution and the NSA does NOT have that authority, regardless of what laws Congress passes. If the SCOTUS wasn't such pussies they would have taken this on years ago and stopped it, but instead they are 100% complicit in this as well. If Snowden has a problem with these actions from the NSA, why did he take a job there in the first place?

Comment Re:Flight recorder (Score 4, Interesting) 491

You are making a PRESUMPTION that the transponders were turned off by hand. There is still the possibility of a fire or some other case. This is why recovery of the FDR's is so important. The pilots may not have been on the radio, but the FDR's record everything they say. The conversations between flight crew is crucial, along with all the airplane data.

Comment As an network administrator (Score 1) 1307

If you want something to run on the corporate network, and ESPECIALLY if you want a firewall hole opened up, you sure as hell better be giving me access to your server. And I better be able to have full admin rights, even if I'm not going to do anything to it. This is an ABSOLUTE requirement, there is no exceptions here. You would be lucky to get permission to even plug a network cable into this since you didn't go to the IT department about this before you ever started. IT is for the IT people for a damn good reason. Things you haven't taken into account, security (ok, I'll give it that you have thought about this some), HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxly, several other legal liabilities that fall back upon the IT dept if something gets hacked on that box. All of these have to be taken into account.

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