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Comment Re:Wow, really? (Score 2) 148

I'd mod you up if I had the points.

I'm actually using the cr48 for -everything- at home. That's what I agreed to, so that's what I will do.

My only cheat is to ssh out to read mail. (It was rooted for a while, but I got bored of that... don't really need root to ssh out .. just ctrl-alt-T, and use the ssh in crosh... good enough for mutt.)

Comment Re:The Causation is Clear (Score 1) 1352

Yes, and "91 percent believe the stimulus legislation lost jobs."

There is no way (excepting visits to carefully chosen parallel universes, perhaps) to prove what the effects were.

After the legislation passed, there was MORE unemployment. So in one sense, yes, jobs were lost. Perhaps more jobs would be lost without the bill... we have no way of knowing, and dubious counting techniques interfere with any attempt to measure impact.

"72 percent believe the economy is getting worse"

Yes, and so do many economists.... it's certainly not getting a lot better .. stagnant? Yep. Suffering? You bet. Good? Um, no one says that. The best is "maybe it sucks less than last year" which is not exactly a rosy outlook.

"Your opinion is different from ours, therefore you are misinformed".

Comment Re:If You're Late to the Party (Score 1) 609

The things you say are true, but your post is a lie. MS added a lot more than that.

Facebook integration - photos, contacts, updates, and more.

Which you can get with an app, possibly preinstalled. (Verizon/Motorola's is actually annoying but whatever)

Live tiles - much more than just "shiny" because it really does provide "at a glance" info.

Right, unlike App Widgets on Android... oh, um, well exactly like them but much more boring.

Xbox Live gaming - huge deal for some people, and a clear differentiator.
Zune integration - especially considering Zune Pass streaming over the air, there's a lot of excitement here.

Console Games are not the same as phone games. I'll stick with Pandora and Rhapsody.

Hardware standards - no fragmentation like WinMo and Android.

Copy/paste are coming in a few months. I agree that it should have been present to start, but seriously, this is a ridiculous thing to keep harping on as though it's going to kill the product.

So just when will it support either Flash or HTML5 element?

Actually the later is preferable for mobile sites: I don't want to force users to download a flash player to play a video they should be able to play natively.

It amazes me that so many fanboys pass over this omission.

Except for position:fixed annoyances (glaring at ios) I have web pages, with video that work on iOS, Android and Blackberry 6 with some very minor js to deal with ios's lame position support.... they won't work on WP7...

Comment Re:Make it illegal to spew your broadcasts at me (Score 1) 122

Even though your house has see-through windows, you still have a "reasonable" expectation of privacy in it, even if there is none.

Actually, you are wrong.

If you dangle your willy in the living room in front of a window, you CAN get prosecuted for indecent exposure -- you have no expectation of privacy while standing in front of a window.

Comment Re:Google should be fine (Score 1) 122

But transmitting data on unregulated frequencies, IS an open invitation for people to receive that data.

Stay off the public airwaves if you don't want the public to receive your data.

Pay for your own frequencies if you wish to use the public airwaves and even then, encrypt your data if you don't want it seen.

Using unregulated frequencies that are listened to by any wifi device (turn on wifi on phone, "searching for networks"... THAT is receiving WiFi) and expecting not to be seen is just plain stupid.

Your open door analogy is BS.

Having an open WiFi is just as much an open invitation for packet capture as standing on your front porch and screaming so that anyone within a couple hundred feet can hear you.

Comment Re:Lovers? (Score 1) 415

Even with logs of every SMS, there is no proof that something isn't happening: "Okay, you're having an affair, but using a different phone or meeting in person! the LACK of SMS's proves that!"

Such people are soul suckers --- anyone who spies on their supposed partner with such nonsense is NOT a partner in any sense of the word, and needs to be dropped by the wayside to deal with their own issues.

If this software was truly trying to point out failures in relationships, it should inform the victim of this software, "Hi, I have logging software installed because your partner doesn't trust you... is your relationship secure?"

That could save more people from crappy relationships than any sort of spying it does.

Comment Expectation of Privacy (Score 5, Interesting) 136

If you stand on a public street, it is legal to take pictures of anything you see: there is no expectation of privacy in public.

If you stand naked in your front yard, you have no expectation of privacy.

If you stand on your front porch and shout out your Visa number, you have no expectation of privacy.

If you buy a toy AM transmitter from Radio Shack and broadcast your SSN, you have no expectation of privacy.

But put it in cleartext on an 802.11g router... and you expect privacy?

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