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Comment I still have one... (Score 0) 187

I inherited two 3.12 servers at my current place of employment. I started in '04, got rid of one in '06. The other is around for 'legacy data' for accounting and for a certification program we need for finished goods. They were installed in '93. I have had two major hardware failures since I started and used the parts from the second server to nurse this one along. The current plan, green lighted last Wednesday, is to virtualize it on to a 'nix box, but we are still going to keep it, probably until the end of time.....

Submission + - You mean global warming is not happening now? (

belligerent0001 writes: For years we were told that the global temperatures were rising and that a global catastrophe was on the horizon. Then we were told, that it was not rising globally because some areas of the planet were not experiencing a rise but rather a slight drop in temperatures, so we were experiencing Global Climate Change. The result would be the same though, Global catastrophe. Now, After 16 years of more accurate and in depth data, it is realized that the model used was not comprehensive enough and that the climate is a complex system that we still do not understand to the degree needed to to make the broad conclusions that humans, more than any other animal, have such a detrimental effect on the planet.

Comment Re:Glucose anyone? (Score 0) 1017

Yeah, as mentioned by other this is BS. I have been living on a diet consisting of less than 30grams of net carbs/day for over 3 years and my primary food is from meat, chicken, and fish. The only carbs (sugar of any variety) that I eat are from berries (strawberries, blackberries raspberries, etc) and pecans walnuts and almonds. In fact I went from 2200 kcals to 3400kcals and in that time, I am lost 65lbs (first 6 months) and have kept it off; my total cholesterol has decreased from 150 to115, my HDL is up and my LDL is down. My blood pressure when from 130/75 to 110/65. My memory has improved and I have WAY more energy. The body IS much better off using ketones for energy.

Comment Intelligence based on sociability? (Score 0) 716

Sociability is a poor benchmark for intelligence. Look at the average /.er or IT/technology guru. Generally not the social icon, but extremely intelligent. Additionally, look at most blonds. Highly sociable, not very smart. My cat has been trained to use the toilet...and flush when he is done. Try to get a dog to do that!! A cat will not eat the meat that is even slightly tainted but a dog will eat literally anything, including dog poop. This example alone shows which animal is smarter in my opinion.

Comment Definately (Score 0) 519

Just use phone numbers as an example. When I was a kid (ok I am showing my age now) we had to actually memorize phone numbers. I think that I have like 3 numbers that I can call off the top of my head, otherwise I need my cell phone. If my cell phone dies I am f-ed ( I have them archived somewhere though). The same will happen with the wider use of GPS'. The more we lock in way points and destinations we will lose the need to recall them on our least until Dec. 2012 when the satellites fall from the sky but the world will erupt into a fire ball then anyway so it won't matter. (It is a joke people..haha laugh)

Comment Re:Change? (Score 0) 788

I'll tell you what has changed... /. I have never seen more rampant conservatism here on /. I...I think I am starting to a bit teary actually. Where have you guys been?

Also, I think it was t-shirt hell, had a t-shirt with Obama gazing stoically into the future and a caption which read "Just another brother looking for change".

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