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Comment Sounds Familiar... (Score 2) 327

Didn't we (U.S. Tax payers) give $200B to ATT and Verizon (GTE maybe) back in the late 90s to put fiber everywhere within 10-Years (for 45/45 down/up speeds) and got nothing except -$200B Wasted in the end with a "it can't be done response"?

Maybe we should collect it back and give the contract to someone who can actually get the job done.

Comment Re:Bush did what? (Score 0) 351

"Either society pays a few bucks now, or tens of thousands for the next 18 years"

No the people who were not careful should be paying, If that means they have to work their ass off for the next 18 years with zero fun time or leisure activities and no vacations so be it, then they should have been more careful in the first place. (force them to take responsibility, they will be careful next time)

I'm tired of everyone think that every one else should pitch in to cover their accidents, get you own damn money. It's simple as STOP PAYING and giving safety nets. (to EVERYONE!)

safety nets just give more excuses for more risk that people are not responsible for (i don't have to worry about it, some massive govt. bailout will take care of it, etc...)

Comment Re:Bush did what? (Score 1) 351

"That Rich man knew his business was doomed when he asked for a bail out."

They Asked the Bush administration first and they told them to get lost because they ran the numbers and came to the same conclusion ("business was doomed"), then Obama took office and despite being warned that it was a bad idea from the previous administration's advisors decided to approve it anyway.

Maybe instead of playing petty politics and doing the opposite just because the other guys said it's bad no one would of ever heard of Solyndra.

Previous politicians bad deeds do not excuse the current ones.

Comment Re:Do you really? (Score 5, Insightful) 647


This is not a Tablet-OS, It is a "Desktop-OS". If I Wanted a FUCKING Phone or Tablet, I would buy a FUCKING Phone or Tablet! and there are already better interfaces than the Shit that is Gnome3 and Unity for them (iOS and Adroid 3.x)


Comment Re:Money (Score 2) 879

$250? Got OEM from newegg for $160. never use it much, XP is faster for games and ubuntu runs fine for my every day usage (work e-mail, office docs, internet browsing online video playback)

Games are the main reason for XP usage outside of businesses, I get well over 100fps with full settings on many games, the same games on 7 Ultimate with the same settings don't go above 40fps most of the time (some are capped at 8-10fps) and there are numerous video/audio glitches i come across that i don't get on XP (color glitching, black/blanking screens during auto-saves/quick-save,having to hack audio drivers to get stereo down-mix or half won't even have audio, and it's just plain slower)

I have used it for gaming only to see the difference between DX9 and DX10/11 and i don't see any and it's slower so i only keep it around just for testing now.

(Core i7 920/6GB/NV GTX 275.)

And still no Cisco IPsec VPN client support in 7 so i can't even use it to work at home. Both my work laptops, 2 netbooks, and 6 desktops run XP PRO. (and ubuntu) and we are just now evaluating 7 for deployment and are already racking up quote$ for hardware upgrades and still have 10% of our systems that barely run XP at all. (that will be over 70% if we were using 7 without Ram upgrades/hundreds of desktop/laptop replacements.)

XP will be around for a while until MS comes to their senses and stop trying to make 3D pretty interfaces that don't work and get serious on optimizing the core OS more. (quit experimenting with the damn metro tablet interface and just make the OS more stable run better and quit moving everything around for no damn reason.)

Comment Re:News Flash (Score 1) 383

There is a difference between stealing a car and making an exact 1:1 copy without effecting the original.

You are trying to clam "Theft" (taking a physical object from someone else) and "Copyright Infringement" (making a copy of a digital object) are the same, they are not.

Comment Re:I Seem To Recall (Score 0) 433

Yes, Lets take the vigilante route with Murder and Arson, Like that will somehow get their money back instead of prison time.

And the reason there are not more people along with is maybe they don't want to squat in their own filth for weeks/months and are not raging lunatic animals. (like the OWS group is behaving like.)

And more to the point everyone seems to think that all wall-street/bank people should be in jail for their so-called "crimes" except they are not (except for a few so far) because NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED! (none on the books for the most part)

If you think it should be a crime then advocates such a position and change/update the laws, don't spout out crap about punishing people for non-crimes that don't exist.

Maybe you should be arrested, but you didn't commit a crime... oh well i think you should just because i say so. (doesn't sound so reasonable now does it?)

Comment Re:Frist! (Score 1) 272

Got a Maxtor 120MB Original IDE spec.

So old it actually is one of the pre-listed (ie non-user/custom) types on the old BIOSs that had the 1-30 something ID Type in the list up until a few years ago.

Even cam from the factory with the error/bad sectors written in pen (the 12, 20, and 40MB ones i had before it when they still used pencil died years ago)

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