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Comment Re:Yet another reason to switch to KDE permanently (Score 4, Informative) 184

Anonymous Coward,

You may want to read the end of this comment before jumping to conclusions:

Ie. I offered to fix it, before the report was published. And the report is deliberately misinformed to make it look like I said I don't have any intention to fix it. And the report author tweetted [1] "Apparently not a lot of people read Slashdot anymore or RTFA. I've only had 971 hits to the article so far. :-(", which makes me believe that his true intention was to get Slashdot / Reddit / Hacker News bragging rights. Comes handy if you are a sysadmin I guess...



Comment Re:Umm (Score 5, Informative) 184

You have to read the bugzilla report carefully to see what this story is about. I'm the developer being [bf]lamed. I offered to find time on a weekend and fix the issue. But the reporter ignored my offer and went ahead to post this on as many places as it could. In the report, he masks that, and instead says I don't consider it a bug. The report is intentionally written misinformed IMO. Which makes me think the true story is that he wanted to get some publicity...

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