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Comment I don't get it... (Score 2, Interesting) 496

I don't get this article. Comparing Linux distributions is a old game and debate not worth even having anymore. With LSB and as others have mentioned all programs run exactly the same on all distributions. What's the difference between installing Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu or Susu, and customizing it by installing your own dekstop etc? Nothing! All linux distributions are the exact same Linux.

The only difference is the package manager. Thats it. On a server side it makes since to care if you pay for vendor support, but for a dekstop it makes no difference. It boils down to do you like RPM or Debian (or portage in Gentoos case) packages better. Thats all.

The reason the author complains about Ubuntu is because they are driving an improved graphics performance in the desktop. Pioneering new features (enabling desktop effects etc). This is something that people want and is needed if you want to attract people from Mac OS and Windows (Vista/7). If the author had installed the same features on Suse or Fedora, he would have noticed his Intel drivers had problems with those distro's as well...because its Linux, not Ubuntu with the Intel driver problem.

I have used just about every major Linux distribution out there, and a couple years ago I switched to Ubuntu. Ubuntu just works, but mostly its the community. Ubuntu has such an incredible amount of support from a world wide community, it makes it a breeze to accomplish just about any task you may find yourself needing help with.

I wish Linux users would stop worrying about who has the biggest #$@@, and start comparing themselves to something really competitive, like doing things better and faster then Windows or Mac! I am tired of games not running, online streaming content (audio/video) partial working, and the lack of developed software such as beta versions of everthing from Skype to other apps. If you want Linux taken seriously by software developers, why not start unifying efforts to make "Linux" better. Instead of complaining about why some distro isn't as good as another.

Comment Of course its terrible! What we need is... (Score 1) 769

Of course its terrible! I have been using Linux for years but I still use Google over many man pages. Take something simple for example like the "find" command. This is an essential and powerful tool, also easy to use. But I challenge you to find a new user who could figure out how to type in the command in its entirety and correctly perform a search using just the man pages. Its nearly impossible for them without any examples, and man pages almost NEVER have any examples to help with syntax.

Man pages are fast a quick to search, what we need are some examples in man pages as well. Also better online documentation would help. Like a Linux How To Wiki. This would be helpful because looking up several pages/forums online can be very time consuming and frustrating for new users (causing them to give up and quit using the OS).

Online Help: I know that when I need info on a topic, I now search wikipedia often by just going to Google and typing in "subject-to-search wiki". The top hit is always the Wikipedia page for my topic. I wish we has something like this for Linux, I would definitely use it, and add to it! While I know there are a lot of Linux Wiki's there I don't know of any that provide an all encompassing support of all linux functions. Also I don't know of an easy way to search for them from Google like I can Wikipedea.

Comment This rocks! (Score 1) 427

This is actually great news! Very exciting. And the ability to reinstall your codecs is very useful, can't wait to give it a try!!! And for those who focus on ethics alone, I hate to tell you this, but Ubuntu is not an ethical OS. There other other FOSS software and versions of Linux that are focused on this philosophy. But Ubuntu is focused on what so many people want, a version of Linux that works. It tries to remain as free of proprietary formats as much as possible, but most people are rational enough to realize that ease of use (and realistic competition to Windows) will only come with a compromise. For example "IF" Linux became popular and mainstream in the future. I think most of us would still pay for video games, the DVD's we watch, or much (or some) of the music we listen too. The OS itself is free to use, the 3rd party codecs and some apps/games are not. And honestly, thats ok.

Submission + - HP Charges Customer to Install XP Driver

beetlejuice321 writes: HP states I have to pay, in order to install my personal copy of Windows XP on a new computer.

I just bought a Compaq SR5130NX at the store today. Unfortunately some of my programs are uncomputable with the preinstalled OS "Vista". I have a purchased copy of Windows XP Pro, and I called HP tech support for assistance downloading a compatible driver for it. I am simply trying to download a SATA driver for Windows XP on a ASUS M2N68-LA motherboard in order to complete the installation. Asus does not have this driver on their website because HP contracted Asus to build this board, and appears to support all drivers themselves.

The XP driver for this computer appears to be missing from HP's website. I called HP and talked to a technician who was more then unhelpful. I was then clearly told that I could have the XP driver for a minimum cost of $59 from "HP level 5 support"!

After complaining about how unappropriated it is to charge customers to install their pre-purchased software on an HP computer by withholding the drivers, I was then given the number for Microsoft and told to call them for help. After reminding the technician that Microsoft does not provide drivers for computer hardware (this is the manufacturer's responsibility). I was promptly greeted with a "Thanks for calling HP..." statement, and hung up on.

I have read on Slashdot computer manufacturers are still aggressively supporting XP, but I would really like to know why HP would refuse to provide drives without a cost, is there any logic behind this thinking?
Operating Systems

Submission + - Looks like OLPC has some competition!

beetlejuice321 writes: Looks like One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) has some competition. Except this time its for everyone! And here's a flash introduction for the new laptop. Looks like Asus is pretty serious about this cool new product from their Homepage. I guess the laptop was scheduled to be release September and they are taking pre-orders now. There are currently 3 versions of the laptop available. It comes pre-installed with Linux Xandros, but also ships with the drivers for Windows XP if you want to install it. Looks like a good deal for students or the casual consumer. Wouldn't mind one myself! I mean small, ultra light and quiet? It would have been great to have while traveling abroad. Internet cafe's are not the easiest things to always find you know.

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