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Comment Ubiquiti Networks Cameras (Score 1) 212

Ubiquiti Networks offers IP cameras that are priced quite reasonably. The controller that runs the cameras and records the video footage is available for Windows, Debian and Ubuntu. No source code available unfortunately. If you don't have any spare hardware, you can buy their NVR appliance which runs the same controller software.

More information on the cameras here:

Comment Re:What Would be a Trivial Amount? (Score 1) 198

You laugh but this is actually a real thing. Personally I like the ones that connect to your wi-fi. That way I have to find my phone, unlock it, open the app then turn off the power bar from there. I find it far simpler than simply reaching over and moving the single switch to the "off" position.

Comment Re:Combine the 2 (Score 1) 279

If you're doing it yourself, you can probably do the job equally well as I can, but you'll need to go down to home depot or lowes and get the cheapest RJ45 crimper you can find (about $20) maybe a 300 foot spool of cat5e wire (as cheap as $20) a box of RJ45 terminators (about $20) modular jacks (about $5 each) and modular faceplates (about $1 each.)

No, just no. First of all, use cat6 cabling. It is only slightly more expensive than 5e but is a lot more future proof (i.e. 10GBASE-T up to 50meters). You could go 6a but it is a lot more expensive and the cabling is much thicker, making it more difficult to work with. Second, don't bother buying a crimper and making your own cables. It just isn't worth it when you can buy pre-terminated and pre-tested cat6 cables for like $5 or less. Just buy the spool of cable, modular jacks and face plates. If you want to get really fancy, get a cat6 patch panel for the side where all the terminations end up. The jacks and patch panels are worlds easier to terminate than the cable ends, especially when dealing with cat6.

Terminate everything with T586A and don't worry about doing any crossover stuff. The only time you will need a crossover, is if you are going switch to switch. Even then, this isn't 2002, most switches are auto-mdix now days. If you end up having to need a crossover for some reason, then just buy one. Again, they are like $5.

Comment TrueCrypt and a Safe (Score 2) 445

I keep all my work passwords in a file that is saved in a TrueCrypt volume. This volume is kept on a network share where only domain admins can access it. I also keep some of the important passwords on a piece of paper that is locked in a safe in the data center. Generally I remember all the passwords I need, but sometimes (especially after a vacation) I need to refer to the TrueCrypt volume. If I ever forgot the password to access the volume, I have it stored in the safe. If I forget the combination to the safe...I'm screwed. Thankfully that hasn't happened yet.

Comment Re:It's the ads (Score 1) 222

I'm with you, I don't see any ads either. The only ones I see are when I hover over, or go into the PS Store app. I don't think this is unreasonable. If you are in or hovering around the PS Store, you might actually want to see ads about new or on sale content. This is like bitching about Steam showing you "featured products" when you click on the store link.

Comment Reflective Material (Score 2) 478

I don't think you'll win any style points for this but you could install a ton of reflective bands inside...In fact, maybe just make make the seats out of it. Keep the limo bus dark so you need to use a flash to get a decent photo. When the flash goes off, the reflective material will pretty much ruin any photo taken.

Submission + - The Net Neutrality Battle Has Been Lost (

Loether writes: The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals just issued its long-awaited decision striking down the FCC’s network neutrality rule. This is the second time in four years that this court struck down the FCC’s attempt to adopt a network neutrality rule.

Submission + - Bell Canada to Collect User Data for Advertising (

beerdragoon writes: One of Canada's biggest mobile and TV providers will soon begin collecting detailed information on usage patterns of its subscribers. Starting November 16th, Bell plans on using this information to provide targeted ads for subscribers. According to Bell this policy will allow customers 'to receive Internet advertising that's relevant to them rather than the random online advertising they're receiving now.' Customers have until the 16th to opt out of the targeted ads, but there doesn't appear to be a way to opt out of the data collection. Apparently this is not illegal, but it is certainly considered unethical by many.

Submission + - Can Verizon save

rjmarvin writes: It turns out the "tech surge" promised Sunday by the DHHS just meant bringing in Verizon to try and improve performance and fix the bungled source code of Verizon's Enterprise Solutions Division will pour even more time and money into the already $300 million website, in hopes of making the Affordable Care Act actually accessible before President Obama pops a blood vessel.

Comment Re:I'm a little confused about GTA 5 (Score 1) 621

Because graphic violence only gets a game an M rating. Full nudity and sex automatically get a game an AO (Adult Only) rating. Most retailers refuse to stock AO games and getting an AO rating is effectively a death sentence for a console game since the only place you'd be able to sell them is the Internet and smaller stores. If you want big sales your game has to be sold in Walmart, Toys R Us, Gamestop etc.

Didn't The Witcher 2 get an M rating? Not that I care, I just want some consistency from the ESRB.

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