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Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 503

My problems with 7 started with, like practically everyone, the push to 10. I was actually ready and eager to try this new one out. Had even signed up to get it early. But, alas (s/), 10 wouldn't install. Didn't like the graphics card. But did this stop MS from trying to shove this thing down my throat? Of course not!. Spent many a frustrating hour dealing with this. And by the time I had that little problem fixed, I had hosed Windows updates completely. Which, at the time, I though was a bad thing. So I spent more frustrating hours fixing this 'problem' after the free offer ended. I did learn to use System Explorer, which beats the hell out of the built in task manager (no surprise there). Nice little monitor thingy in the system tray on the task bar which can point out what is eating up your CPU. Except that often it will just say srvhost.exe. And there's a LOT of those things. So next I found Windows own Resource Monitor which actually will tell you. At any rate, I eventually learned to disable Windows Update (you can't just set it to manual, MS will override that). My point (and I do have one :) is that I've never been aware of the BITS part. So now I have both disabled and we'll see if this relieves some of my frustration. I thank you sir.

US Warns Samsung Washing Machine Owners After Explosion Reports ( 164

Samsung may have a new problem on its hands, and it feels too familiar. The U.S. regulators on Wednesday warned users of certain top-loading Samsung washing machines of safety issues following reports that "some have exploded." CNN reports: The warning, from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, covered machines made between March 2011 and April 2016. It did not specify a model. The commission suggested people use only the delicate cycle to wash bedding and water-resistant and bulky items because the lower spin speed "lessens the risk of impact injuries or property damage due to the washing machine becoming dislodged." The agency said it is working with Samsung on a remedy.

Comment Re: Ads are not acceptable. (Score 1) 523

I dropped all forms of AdBlock after they started morphing into AdBlock Perhaps. uBlock Origen sounded a bit scary at first, but it works very, very well (as far as I can tell). Still, will have to check out doing something with the hosts file (which, if you ask me, is just horribly misnamed; sounds like it is a collection of things you WANT on your computer).

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 225

"If anything, that's an awfully bad precedent... literal baby-killers get lesser sentences (and often get paroled far sooner than a decade later)." Precedent of a sort has been around for some time. Certain crimes involving either money or failure to "respect mah authoriteh!" of government have long been considered more heinous than murder. In Isaac Newton's time counterfeiting was certainly considered worse than murder which would merely get you hanged. Counterfeiting would get you half-hanged, drawn and quartered. Sir Isaac, as Master of the Royal Mint in later life, was rightly feared because of this.

Comment Re:Fixed (Score 1) 1106

You are in desperate need of this economist joke: Q. How many economists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. None. Had the light bulb needed screwing in, the Invisible Hand of the Free Market would have already done so. Conclusion -- You don't actually have a clue as to what you are talking about.

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