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Submission + - Radxa Rock, quad core Android/Ubuntu dual boot developer board, now available

beefsack writes: The Radxa Rock, the first Rockchip RK3188 quad core based Android/Ubuntu developer board, is now available. Developed by Tom Cubie, original engineer at Cubietech and responsible for the Cubieboard line of developer boards, the Radxa Rock comes with both Android and Ubuntu installed out of the box, a first for developer boards.

Comment Re:Baffled (Score 1) 108

What confuses me is why isn't this implemented as a browser mechanism? Simple cookies aren't useful if they aren't returned on subsequent requests, if it's blocked by an action on the client side, then there's no issue.

Blocking things like Flash cookies are another story though.


Submission + - Arduino and MK802 Robot, Controlled by Phone (

beefsack writes: "An engineer by the name of Andrej Skraba has combined an Arduino board and an MK802 mini PC running Ubuntu to create a robot which is controllable via it's own node.js server and a mobile phone. Seen by some as products competing in a similar space, Andrej shows how the two devices can make the most of their unique features to complement each other well working together."

Comment Re:This is true (Score 1) 111

I've been living in southern China for the past year and the last month has been a nightmare. It seems if you're pumping a significant amount of traffic over an encrypted channel, they block the remote server but only for the specific port.

I have a handful of personal OpenVPN servers and made the mistake of transferring a lot of data over 22 (SSH) and port 22 for that server was blocked. As the parent post suggests, it seems to be updated every 24-48 hours, usually every 24 hours though.

I found a good technique for those running private OpenVPN servers is to use iptables to forward a large number of external ports to the internal OpenVPN port, so that means once you see the port get blocked, you just increment your client port without needing to modify the server and you can connect fine again.

This has made it significantly hard to work from China, to the point where I'm considering leaving.

Comment Re:It's too bad (Score 1) 933

Exactly the same story for Homebrew, I tried to use OSX for my development because there were some added benefits of OSX (ie. a moderate amount of games available), but I went insane without having a reliable, fully stocked package manager at my disposal. One you get used package managers in open source systems, it's very hard to go back.

Comment VPN Experience from Aussie living in China (Score 2) 138

I'm currently living and working as a software developer here in China, and my livelihood depends on using a VPN. A few things I've learned:

  • On the whole, VPN providers are unreliable and heavily restrict services.
  • It's trivial to set up a VPN using VPS providers.

I have about 7 different VPN servers that I manage for myself, my main one I use nowadays is on EC2, however I'm running a low cost low bandwidth VPN on DigitalOcean now and have been very happy. There are a huge number of VPS hosts around, pick one in a country with a good privacy record and work through that.

The process is simple: I just chuck an Ubuntu image on the server, install OpenVPN, and zip through a guide on configuring. The process becomes painfully simple to replicate to new servers if you're happy using a single private key for each of your servers, you can just copy the original server configs to a new server and have multiple servers available to you.


Submission + - Controlling Linux using an Android phone as mouse, keyboard, and gamepad (

beefsack writes: Miniand have demonstrated how to control Linux using a Samsung Galaxy S2. Using an MK802 with the ARM build of [Droidmote server]( bundled into an [MK802 Lubuntu image with uinput enabled](, Miniand demonstrate using an Android phone as a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad over Wi-Fi to the device.

Submission + - Ubuntu 12.04 ported to the Allwinner A10 MK802 ,ini PC (

beefsack writes: Thanks to the strong ARM support in the Ubuntu repositories, Ubuntu, along with Lubuntu and others have been ported to work on the new MK802 mini PC. Performance is very impressive, especially given that Mali GPU driver support in Linux is still lacking features such as hardware video decoding.

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