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Submission + - Avira Premium causes premium problems (

Adesso writes: Seem Avira is having difficulty with a update of all there Premium customers. A update that has been downloaded over 70 million times is causing the 32-bit version in Windows to block almost all critical application. Avira has responded promptly on a interim solution for this problem.

In most cases this causes Windows to not boot properly.


Submission + - Zeus Variant Targeting Facebook, Google, and Yahoo (

wiredmikey writes: Once again, the infamous Zeus Malware is at it again. Security researchers at have now discovered a variant of Zeus with a P2P component that is targeting high profile sites such as Facebook, Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo in order to compromise debit and credit card data.

In the case of Facebook, the malware injects the necessary code so that an offer of 20% cash back is displayed to users. All the user has to do is link their Visa or MasterCard debit card to their Facebook account. For Google and Yahoo users, the Zeus variant injects the needed form data and presents an offer of additional security. Of course these offers are fraudulent, and their credit card details are being captured by cybercriminals.

“These web injects are well crafted both from a visual and content perspective, making it difficult to identify them as a fraud. It's also ironic how in the Google Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo scams, the fraudsters are using the fear of the very cybercrime they are committing to prey on their victims," explained Amit Klein from Trusteer, the company that discovered the latest variant.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Custom home server with video capture

gr3yh47 writes: Fellow Slashdotters,
I am looking to build a home server to serve a few purposes — media server, backup/general storage, low to mid range gaming — but, most importantly (to me) I want to be able to capture video input from my consoles. I need to be able to run my component video and composite video systems through it. I need the same outputs as well so i can run the signal to the TV without splitting. And, Ideally, I'd like capture to happen automatically whenever the box detects a signal.

should I go intel or AMD? what OS? what video cap hardware and software? what other hardware should I grab?

I'd like to keep it under/around $1000

Submission + - Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Your Plastic

DaneM writes: Recently, a group of student researchers from Yale University brought home a previously-undiscovered fungus that has a voracious appetite for polyurethane. For those not aware, polyurethane comprises many garden hoses, truck seats, shoes, and other durable plastic items--and will be around for your great-grandchildren to watch decompose if you throw it in the dump today. Depending on further study, this new organism may prove to be a solution to a significant part of our slow-decomposing waste problem.

Comment Strange conclusion looking at their own stats (Score 4, Interesting) 199

Looking at the table presented in the article, their conclusion seems a bit odd...

Fallout: New Vegas - Downloads: 962,793 Avg. rating: 83.7
TRON Evolution - Downloads: 496,349 Avg. rating: 59.5
Starcraft 2 - Downloads: 420,138 Avg. rating: 89.5

"Metacritic Scores explain 10% of the variance in the unique peers per game on BitTorrent,”. I guess the remaining 90% is just noise then...?

Submission + - DuckDuckGo Search Engine Erects Tor Hidden Service (3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion)

An anonymous reader writes: Viewable with Tor installed, Search
Engine DuckDuckGo has erected a hidden service for secure, encrypted searches through the Tor network. While past attempts at hidden service search engines failed due to uptime or quality issues, DuckDuckGo marks the first time a real company operating a public search engine has offered a solid search engine as a hidden service for Tor users. Tor users may find DuckDuckGo's hidden service here.

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